September 18, 2012

Letter from September 17th, 2012 Monte Plata / Bayaguana

Hola familia!

        Wow i swear the mission just gets busier and busier each day! I dont even have time to think lately, its great..    So i know i always say this but i think we walked at least around the world 3 to 4 times this week! With that, and we went running a few mornings this week my legs are actually really sore hah. But doesn't stop us from working! Yes we visited alot a people with presidente on friday. We were supposed to start at 5 but it started raining. Pres Ramon didnt want to walk in it. To us, it doesnt matter hah it rains alot here.. We got a lot of peeps back in church this weekend. A lot of people are still new converts and they just didnt have the support from the start, so all they need is just a little push.     

         We went to church in Bayaguana this weekend, it was pretty nice, it seems like there's a lot more people cause the chapel isnt huge like in monte plata. Theres about the same amount of members but it just seems like theres more cause the smallness of the church in Bayaguana. The members are sweet. hah Theres a haitian member that gave a talk and he doesnt know spanish that well yet so he kept just speaking in creol and then he'd switch back to spanish cause everyone was confused hah Creol is crazy! I didnt understand a word. It reminded me of starting the mission.. hah just sitting there not having a clue whats going on. It made me realize how much i understand when people speak spanish. Wow it sounds so clear!    Weve also done alot of pointless traveling by bus this week. Saturday we went to Bayaguana with our district leader to do a baptizmal interview for Jose. (jose's another awesome investigater that i havent told you about, hes gonna get baptized this saturday!!) But when we got to his house on saturday he wasnt there! hah so they had to go all the way back home and just call that night to do the interview by phone hah.  Jose was actually practicing Futbol when we passed by, so after our district leader left we went down to the futbol field and watched him play for a bit for our lunch time hah.  His teams a bunch of dominicans and they played againts a bunch of kids from argentina. They totally kicked there trash! 4-0. Never thought dominicans could play more than just baseball. hah  Alright im gonna try and answer all our questions.

About the flood in my last area, we heard that the same thing happened 4 years ago and the same people just move out then move back in. They have to do some CRAZY cleaning! The house and walls are just full of mudd! yeah i dont know why they keep moving back. its super cheap to live there i guess hah.

Yuneisis is like 18.. i think. she was late for the baptizm cuase she domincan... they're all like that hah. no she was working overtime and didnt tell us. hah

Yes the church in monte plata is huge! way too big for the amount of people that assist! {i think Mike meant attend? :) -christy}

No we didnt drive motorcycles to the caves! hah yeah right! yeh sorry when i say we take motorcycles i mean we ride on the back hah i wish we could drive them!! The caves are odd here there full of like clay stuff or maybe that was bat poop.. no hah its super slippery! that's why i fell! hah

Yes the mexico trip is really relative to this place. most of the parks are like that here, the one here in monte plata is pretty fancy tho! Remember the van ride to mexico, that's what every bus ride is like here but with like 10 more people packed in! hah

Yeah sorry it was a lame email this week. I can't focus worth crap, these dudes here are like yelling... a lot of dominicans think you have to yell when you talk to someone...   and We dont have like any time! i promise christy I'll fill out the questions next week! ahh sorry!

This internet center isnt as fancy as the last one in my last area, its SUPER slow! yeah so the pics are coming next week too. sorry, this computer sucks fave!

But thanks! love you guys alot! miss ya!

Elder Cowley

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