September 11, 2012

Letter from September 10th, 2012 Monte Plata

Hey fam.

               Im doing just great! Still loving the new area´s! We´ve had 3 days straight here in Monte Plata, cause weve been a bit busier here. We had a baptizm on saturday! Her names Yuneisis. Shes way cool. I wasnt here while she got taught all the lessions but i got to help her out a little before baptizm. She was supposed to get baptized 2 weeks ago, but Just like what happened with Jorge in my last area, It rained so they had to postpone it. (Jorge got baptized last week by the way!) And then last week it was stake confrence here so we finally got to do it this past saturday. So funny story..  The baptizm was suppose to start at 6:30. So all the members showed up about 6:50 (when i say "all the members" that means like 15 people.. hah) And So we waited a while for Yuneisis and she wasn't showing up and wasnt answering her phone! The members were getting anxious with us, At about 7:45 we figured she wasnt coming so all the members left and we started putting away the chairs. Yeah only if you could of seen our faces, we were pretty sad that she didnt show up.  But not even kidding like 5 minutes passed by and surely enough she comes walking in behind us. "hey im here!" We were like youve got to be kidding me! The members just left 5 minutes ago! Luckly President Ramon(the branch president) was still there so he called the members really quick and the baptizm went down!! When the members showed up Yuneisis told them "ahh you guys have little faith" haha it was awesome! Me and elder Alvarado prayed that it would happen like 4 times earlier that day. and right when we thought it wasnt gonna happen, it happened! Pretty funny.

    So this branch here in Monte Plata is haliarious. We were here yesterday for church for Yuneisis comfirmation. There really arent many members here. Well active that is...  It reminds me so much of los llanos, except here we have a real chapel! So were in a huge chapel with about 25 members. I guess there was like 300 members in this area at one point but alot have moved and alot of inactives have lame excusses about the branch president. But were gonna visit a bunch of inactives this week with president to hopefully help out this little branch. 

     Today for pday we went up to the other elders area out here, its called Sabana Grande. We went up there and then took motorcycles like 20 minutes to another area of their's and we hiked up to some crazy caves! It was way cool! There was so many bats!! We did some tight squeezes through some tiny cavern things and then it would open up again, i love caves. Other than that i totally fell on my butt, I didnt have the flash light and i took a step of faith in the dark and totally stepped on a slippery slope hah

      Im glad to hear everythings going good. Thank you for your prays, because yes we diffenetly need them doing our crazy hitchhiking hah The church in bayaguana is  just like some random rented house. but its alot bigger than the average house here. Its got an upstairs. and i guess they do primary upstairs hah and the special room for us is up there too. Its kinda a creepy room with our two beds, a big broken ceiling fan and a random half bathroom thing. I dont like sleeping there cause after we have to leave early to get back to monte plata. For food we just go to a bakery at night when were done working cause we cant store any food there. In Bayaguana there are a little more active member than in monte plata. Im still not for sure cause i haven't been there for church yet. And of course there were a bunch a people to teach when i got here from before.     Elder Alvarado has learned english just from his companions in the mission and he said from listening to music in english hah  and we'll see if I even get the package or any mail out here in the boonies.  But yeap!

 THanks for all, love you guys!
Elder Cowley

Here some pics.

The Flood


The cave {didn't end up attached in email}

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