September 4, 2012

New area: Monte Plata! Letter from 9/3/12

Hola familia,

           First off thanks for the email haylee, heather, grandpa & grandma cowley, tommy, some random person i dont know named Derrell and mom (as always) hah Its so good to hear from you guys everyweek and hear a little of whats going on. I know you guys dont think its much but i like to hear whatever little random things your doing. it keeps me believing that everyone really is still alive back at home haha

   Hey i dont have alot of time cause were gonna go play soccer and b ball with some other missionaries soon but ill write more next week!

         Wow these areas are way sweet! So on tuesday it took a while to get out here cause the taxi drivers a normal dominican and takes his sweet time. "ill be there in 8 minutes"  as 40 minutes pass by... So we called another dude and he said "3 minutes ill be there" still took him 20 but he beat the taxi dude. ahh Running on "dominican time" The bus ride wasnt too bad. other than that my stuff weighs like a thousand billion pounds. The guys helping me load them in the bus wondered how many rocks i put in there hah. The bus ride was about a hour ride throught a bunch of fields and trees. There was a nice lady that sat by me on the way  and she liked to talk, so she talked to WHOLE WAY.. aghhnoying. ha 

I got to monte plata and my comp was there at the park waiting. In the middle of the town theres a big park and big old catholic church. Monte platas small but still a pretty good sized town. It has a few mountains sorounding it too. way cool. Our house is like two streets down from the park and guess what! WE DONT LIVE ACROSS FROM A DUMB COLMADO THAT PLAYS MUSIC 24/7!!! YEAHHHHH    We live on the 2nd floor of the house so thats nice. Its on a little quiet road, well other that the evangelic church on the corner,hah they sing and make noise. The house is sweet tho. WE have power almost always!! wooot. So my companion is Elder Alvarado. He´s from Perú, Hes such an awesome kid!   We get along just great! Hes got like 8 months in the mission, Hes been studying english since he started so he knows quite a bit. So its fun helping him out with that hah 

So the first day we dropped of my stuff at the house, i only had time to hang up a few shirts and eat a sandwich and then we were off to BayaGuana(not villa juana hah) We walk about 10minutes to the street that leaves monte plata. Guess what we do???   HITCHHIKE!!! hahah its awesome! We stand on the side of the road with our thumbs out! Sure enough the first pick up truck that came gave us a ride. The front was full so we hoped in the bed of the truck on top of a bunch of plantains! hah With our luck we have as soon as we took off it started to rain like crazy out of nowhere! (supposely it rains alot here) So we were in the back of this truck on top of a bunch of plantains going 60mph with crazy rain not trying to fall out. hah it was so fun!! Its about a 30 minute drive to bayaGuana, so about half way the rain stopped and by the time we got there we were dry again haha BayaGuanas sweet, its alot bigger than Monte plata. It used to have 4 missionaries, and now just has part time missionaries. We Go there after lunch and work all night, so the last bus leaves at 6pm so we have to sleep in the church here haha its kinda creepy. Then we get up in the morning at 6:30 and catch the first bus in the morning to Monte Plata. We do that everyother day. Kinda a pain but its super fun. Just how i started the mission, with 3 areas traveling everyday hah Theres only like 4 areas in the whole mission that do this and ive now been in two of then. Its alot more exciting than the boring captial hah 

Wow i actually wrote more than i thought.

K  loves you guys! thanks again for  writing me and stuff!

¡Hasta la vista baby! Elder Cowley

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