August 28, 2012

Letter from August 27th, 2012

   Whats up?  yes im still alive from hurricain Issac. hah        

 It was good to hear about all the trips and stuff. Christy sent me some pics from lake powell and from their trip. I like getting pics from you guys, Its good to see your guyses faces sometimes too haha but anyway..

          HOLY RAIN!

       Ive never seen so much rain in my life haha Ya so the hurricain didnt hit us here, it past right by and went up through Haiti. But it still sure did rain here! On Friday at about 12 in the afternoon it started raining and then it didnt stop raining until sunday at about 12! President Hernandez told all of us that we had to stay inside. So we couldnt leave the house friday and saturday! IT was such a werid strom tho. The Rain and wind would come super super hard for like an hour and then it would stop and just rain litely and it´d clear up like there wasnt any more rain coming for like 5 minutes and then with in seconds it would completely changed and wind and rain super hard again. Quite odd.     

    The Ozama River that goes around the town is super full right now from the rain. A huge portion of the DR emptys into that river. So over the past few days its been getting higher and higher. And theres a part of my area ive told you about call the Cañada. Its down in a small canyon part of the town, its kinda the poor part of this town. But it got flooded way bad :( Its really sad. When we walked by yesterday the water was half way up the houses, like 5 feet of water through all the houses down there. and the waters still rising! Way sad! We wanted to help but most the people have already moved out with all there stuff, im not sure where they all went hah 

     Not much exciting happened other than the crazy rain this week, cause we had two days in the houses doing nothing but reading. Ive read like half the book of mormon in that time hah  We were supposed to have Jorge's baptizm on saturday but we poseponed it for sunday cause of the rain. Sunday morning we just had one hour of church cause like i said dominicans are scared of the rain. hah Or maybe its just a good excuse? not.  So we had the baptizm planned for 6 oclock but then the missionaries that were in charge of filling the baptizmal font called at 5 and said that the couldnt fill it cause theres no water in the tinaco at the church and the bomba (the machine that fills the water in the tinaco on the roof) was broken!!!  Yeah im still mad.  So now we have to do that baptizm next week. oh hey but guess where ill be next week.... NOT HERE!

       So transfers are up! Tomorrow im off to Monte Plata/Villa Juana!! Its another area out in the middle of nowhere! hah Its up in the north part of our mission. i think its the area most north west of the mission. I guess President likes putting me in the country fieldy areas. My companion 2 comps ago Elder Harker just called and told me its like a 2 hour bus ride hah All be my self with my huge luggage bags too..  but Im really excited! Ive been here in Sabana Perdida for 6 months now. My companion is gonna be Elder Alvarado- Hes from Perú!! Im super excited. But we´ll see if theres any good internet centers out there. unlike my last area los llanos hah

So maybe illl talk to ya next week! hah Love you guys! i miss you so much.

Oh hey, today is my 13 month mark. im well on the down slope and its going too fast!! 

                                       Elder Cowley

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