August 27, 2012

Letter + Photos from August 20th, 2012

K lo K!

        Whats up fam! It was good to hear from you. mom im glad you guys made it fine out there {cedar city} , that sounds a little sketchy flying it the storm hah im sure those missionaries were glad you helped out. That'd be awesome if we could accept money in our mission... nope. theres a rule for everything. Nah people need money here alot more than us! Its one thing i will always love about this place, no matter how poor the people are or how much stuff they dont have, theyre always happy. No matter what. Some houses are so small and theres families of 6 and they get along just great. A feel as if there's some houses smaller than my bed!

       So the baptizm for Junior happened! It was on saturday, we had to do the baptizm a little early at 4:00, because theres stake confrence this week end and there was a confrence at 5. Some lame stake dude was saying if were not done at 5:00 hes gonna stop us.. lame. hah It ended up starting at 4:30 cause we had to wait for a few people. hah  Of couse like everytime we have a baptizm it rained so there wasnt many people that came. because like i said, dominicans are scared of the rain. hah It was awesome tho. Paco got to baptize junior. Paco is juniors best friend and hes the one who invited him to church in the first place. Every lession we had with junior, Paco was there too. We got started fast with the baptizm so the stake leaders didnt poo there pants. After a few members spoke we went ahead with the baptizm and opened the doors and looked in the font and the water was all green! haha Something happened with the tinaco up top and the rain got in it or something. But we figured we can do baptizms in the river so its basically the same, a bit dirty. hah Junior was super pumped and was so happy. All the member were saying that hes gonna serve a mission in their talks and prayers so i really hope he keeps that in mind. Hes in the military now so im not sure if they allow him to leave or not. but it´d be awesome!     

        So we had few odd/funny/awesome expiriences this week. Last sunday, One of my favorite people here in the area, Bienvenido told us that his brother Antoni was super sick and so he wanted us to pass by to give him a blessing. We got there and some of the family was there and they're not members so we explained a little bit before. Bienvenido helped us give the blessing but during the blessing he broke up in tears and left the room, but we continued anyway. When finished and one the daughter in laws that was there had left the room during the pray and was in the other room like crying and yelling. We thought someone was dying! hah But that was just exactly what she thought was happening. She thought we came to do a pray cause he was gonna die or something that like that so she was crying and she fainted so they dragged her out side. Me and elder Rivera looked at each other like "what the..?"  Hah it was just kind of random that everyone just got super emotional during the blessing. The ladies fine now hah and they explained to her it was just a prayer for him to get better hah    Yesterday we passed by and talked to Antoni and hes doing way better! Hes a pretty old dude, but when we got there he was sitting up in his chair with a big smile. He was thanking us so much for coming by and giving the blessing and now he wants to come visit our church this next sunday! hah so cool huh?!

         So the other thing that happen actually isnt anything too cool, actually pretty dumb hah So we have this room in our house with a door, and this door has a door knob right. and so the other day i went in the room to change and i shut the door behind me and heard something fall on the ground. i turn around to find that its the door knob!! hah So i thougth to myself "ahh crap". i yelled to elder rivera "¡¡ehh ayudame compa!! So he came running and tryed to open the door from the out side but it was locked! hah For 15 minutes (felt like forever) we were slammin the door messing with the door knob and it finally opened, were not sure how haha pretty scary tho. i was making plans to jump out the window hah

      Gosh dangit!! it just started raining and my clothes are haning up on the roof :( I swear this happens every day i do laundry. hah Todays Elder Riveras birthday so we went to megacentro! While we were eating in the food court they had to X games on the tvs!! yeahhh!! i swear we didnt plan it! hah  I bought me a new fútbol cause my other one is thrashed already! We used it so much! Imma give elder Rivera my old one for his birthday haha  

         Thanks for the emails! Have fun at the cabin! tell the dahls hola and thanks for the chirstmas card they send last christmas hah

 Love you guys! Elder Cowley  


1. Bap pic. yes, with mission president.
2. Bap pic. Without mission president. hah
3. Paco baptizing junior
4. Me and Junior

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