August 13, 2012

Letter from August 13, 2012

me and cesar with the tie i gave him


         My friend, how are you? hah everyone says that in the street. the few english everyone knows here. Or whats your naiiiime?? a kid just walked in and said that, thats why im talking about it hah 

 But Its going great, just like i said, full week of meetings and traveling and baptizms and visiting. Definetly some ups and downs this week. We had the baptizm last saturday! But only Domingo was able to make it. It was awesome tho! We did it with two other wards so there was a butt load of people. Domingo's wife had the biggest smile on the whole time hah Shes been a member for 24 years! thats anchent for this country! Theres very few members that i know that have that much time. But she has been waiting 24 years for Domingo to accept the gospel and finaly he did! There has been 24 years of missionaries trying to work with him and me and elder Rivera are the lucky ones to be here when he decided to join! It was a super cool expirience. Domingo's this super skiny old dude and he looked so funny in the huge baptizm clothes that he had on. For some reason we never have the right size of baptizmal clothing.

 (so its really hard to write and think right now cause Frank the owner is blasting some jay-z and Eminem (your favorite mom hah)

      So something really LAME happened this week. Last tuesday we went to the marriage place again with all the papers of them and the two witnesses and all that crap, we got there and we were talking to the lady to set the appointment of the marriage, she said "ok looks good, when you wanna do it?... oh wait.. what's this! On Veni´s license her name says venecia but on her birth certificate it says Venancia!"  So they said the name has to match and that we have to change her license. So we went to the place to change it and they said it takes 2 MONTHS!!!!! gay! yeah We're so mad, we've waited 3 months for the money. now that we have all that we have to wait even more! I wont even be here! ¡¡Las leyes de hombre están aplazando las leyes de Dios!! Que apostasía. 

And junior had to work so he wasnt able to make it to the baptizm either hah. He works for the military so when they call, he doesnt have a choice! He told us yesterday in church he was working from 6 at night saturday until 5 in the morning sunday! Their team had to go on a search party for some bad guys, they take loaded guns and mount up on motorcycles and drive around the city all night. Pretty sketchy stuff! hah    He's gonna get baptized next week tho so we dont worry. and possibly cesar as well!

        The zone conference was way cool with Elder Anderson. That guy knows way too much! We had a question and answer session with him too, it was cool. It was fun to take the metro out to the capital again. It was my comps first time so he was all weirded out! He kept saying ¡Que chévere! hah "how sweet!"  Yeah we go on exchanges like 2 times a transfer, on thursday elder sanchez came to our area with me to do the baptizmal interviews. He's from Guatamala. I always like doing that cause while he does the interviews, i just get to hang out hah.

     Today we were going to go to KFC with cesar but he wasnt able to hah. We always talk about going there everytime we talk. KFC is the fancy place here. Its the "nice pica pollo" hah.  So today we just have had a chill pday. They're nice once in a while.  

                          Thanks for the emails! Love you guys!

                                                               Elder Cowley


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