August 7, 2012

Lost pictures from July 30, 2012. Burn Ceremony

{Half-way-day celebrations- July 27th, 2012- one year down, one to go!}

THE BURN CEREMONY! I have this white shirt that I barely wear cause it has a werid placement on the colar buttons and my comp having this ugly black tie. We whipped up something nice   to burn. We man a friend named Elder Quemadera El quema ROPA! haha He himself only living to see a bugspray can to his face and being carryed to the roof to be burnt.. hah Only pictures can explain this expirience. We hung him up on the cloths line and watched him go up in flames. The flame was huge! much bigger that expected haha The people from the street below getting quite the show. ¡hay hombre! It was soo sweet!

Picture with Elder Quemadera,  Hung up to dry  .. to spray ..& to burn! and burn.
Burnt. we have too much fun.

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