August 6, 2012

The lost letter from July 30, 2012

WOOT! Feliz cumpleaño to me in the missions. oh thanks. and feliz cumpleaños to brad!!

 Im down on the down hill slope/the count down what ever you wanna call it. I still cant believe it, but it does feel like a long time.

     The year mark day: We started the day off going to the basket ball court by our house to run and play some fútbol! Its so nice, 6:30 in the morning the whole court to ourselfs. There's also a little soccer field by the court but the grass was super long so we talked to the owner so he brought his lawn mower over and we helped clean it up and cut the grass. I helped clean up the trash in the field but Elder Rivera has never used a lawn mower he didnt want to share so he mowed the whole thing my himself, he was having a ball using it hah im still so sick of mowing lawns so I just hung out under a tree and played ball with some other kids that showed up. We ended up being there until 9:45 helping out, figured we better hurry to the house and change cause we start working at 10! hah For lunch we went and ate some of the world famous tostadas. They're so good. only 25 pesos too. After lunch we had a lessions with Domingo, (the old guy that fell asleep in our lession) when we got there he was asleep so we waited and talked to His wife, who is a member. She happened to be watching the opening ceremonys of the olympics haha so we saw a few minutes of it. shhhhh! It was soo cool, hey you gotta celebrate on your year mark day right? After a while he woke up so we got to talk to him.

    After we had a lessions with Jorge. When we got there.. ohh look whats on tv... hah they were watching the olympics alwell! I swear we weren't trying to watch them, but we ended up watching the short restoration video with them. After we talked to junior. (our soon to be baptizm!) We set a baptizmal date with him for the 11 of augost!! woooo. He was really excited for it. Even tho we meet with him in the bishops tire shop, with all the loud noise from the shop and the main road, the spirit is always still so strong.. He explained how hes been looking for a change in his life and just the 2 weeks hes been talking to us and visiting the church, hes already seen a difference in the life. By the end of the lession even this 22 year old kid was tearing up. It was such a cool expirience. 

  After then it was already night time so we went to the Domincan famous ice cream place BON. We got a huge tub of ice cream for just 200 pesos. It came with cones and popsicles! So legit! Totally ate it all! After already having a great day behind us, still waiting for the best part of the night. THE BURN CEREMONY! I have this white shirt that I barely wear cause it has a werid placement on the collar buttons and my comp having this ugly black tie, we whipped up something nice to burn. We made a friend named Elder Quemadera El quema ROPA! haha He himself only living to see a bugspray can to his face and being carryed to the roof to be burnt.. hah Only pictures can explain this expirience. We hung him up on the cloths line and watched him go up in flames. The flame was huge! much bigger that expected haha The people from the street below got quite the show. ¡hay hombre! It was soo sweet!     :The year mark day. Possibly being the greatest day on earth...  to the eye of a missionary. hah       

   Such a solid week. On sunday having 10 investigaters in church is always a blessing. We got jorge's whole family to come! It was awesome. They remind me so much of Angie and Brad its not even funny. Also guess what!!! Saturnino and veni have all the money! and the ward has made up the other half! We're gonna go and get them married some time this week! WOOT! and then the 11 of augost they're gonna get baptized!!! ¡POR FIN! ahh i couldnt feel more accomplished. Never thought they were gonna get to join the church.   

       To the questions. As far as laundry, mom, we have these sweet ghetto washers. ill send a pic of one if i have it. they have two sides. One you throw water and soap in to wash your cloths and then the other side has a barrel type thing that you throw you clothes in and it doesnt heat up or anything just spins super super fast. doesnt do much hah Still have to hang your clothes up after. My backs getting better, its just when i workout it starts hurting. And im not kidding Korn flakes with honey is amazing, I eat it daily. With the rain, well whenever we take our umbrellas it doesnt rain and when we dont.. it rains. hah yes we just get soggy. Its super humide so we dont usually end up drying out. hah from last week, Yes there are cats everywhere. There's a stuipd cat that were trying to catch that keeps ripping our garbage bag and getting garbage everywhere. and yes all the kids are on summer break right now. until the end of augost.          

   Welp gotta go, tonight were gonna have family night at bishops with Cesar and Nieve! It should be awesome! 

 ¡Nos chequeamos family! Love ya. Elder Cowley

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