August 7, 2012

Letter from August 6th, 2012

       K so first of all, i totally sent a letter last week, im not sure what happened? It had a bunch of pictures and so maybe thats why it didnt go through. i sent it like 2 more times so let me know if you get it.

        Well as you know we are super busy. This coming week we have a zone confrence on wednesday in the captial with Elder Anderson from the 70, that should be cool, we have distict meeting on thursday, hopefully we can get saturnino and veni married on friday. and this saturday we have a cosecha in our ward. ( a harvest?  all the members go visit inactive members)  and then after that we have a BAPTIZM! woot. Right now Junior, Domingo, saturnino and veni should be getting baptized. We hope everything's gonna happen. We don't even have time to do normal missionary work this week hah   

          So doing this marrage thing couldn't be harder, Ive never done something more confusing in my life. hah We've got the birth certificates and the money and their licenses. So just about a half hour ago we went out with all that to the dumb marrage place to set a appointment for them to get married. Its clear out in another part of town and yes, we took out time of our own p day to go out there hah So we got out there just to find out that saturnino and veni need to be there with us!! ahh ¡¡estoy quiado!! Pretty lame. so were gonna try and do it tomorrow or something cause we have a bunch of lessions tonight still. ahh quite the headache. Missionaries shouldnt have to do all this marrage crap. Its lame hah

         So im trying to think what happened this past week but my mind is too full to remember anything hah   We had some crazy long visits with this guy named Gonzales. Hes super smart about the bible and religion, so its kind of hard to share with him. He has a question or doubt about every little thing. You have to watch what you say too hah Hes not part of a church but for some reason he defends other churches. hah who knows, hes kinda scary.

      We went on exchanges with the zone leaders this week. I had to go to their area and stay there a night. I went with elder laglory i think thats his name. Hes from some random town in utah. i forget all the names of all those random towns in the middle of utah. but hes ending really soon. We talked none stop for the full 24 hours we were on exchanges cause he used to have a band in high school, played bass. He used to have a guitar in the mission too! Elder laglory said he didnt hear much about the instrument rule. but last month president made it quite clear that we cant have them hah so he had to give it up. hah

        Welp wish us luck on our crazy week coming up! Thanks! 

                Thanks so much for the package too!!! Holy amazing treats! the cds are perfect. hah the chips ahoy cookies bag blew up a bit but there still good. Water bottles are awesome. i gave elder rivera one cause he liked it so much hah

               Much love. Elder Cowley

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