July 17, 2012

Letter + photos from 7/16/12 still in Rivera Perdida

Hola famila!

    FELIZ CUMPLIAÑOS HAY SHMAY!!!  10???? Goodness! Hope you have fun at the water park and mini golf! Watermelen cake? wow, i wanna come! hah

                      Yet again it has been another good week in the mish! We had transfer calls yesterday! Guess where im going! any guesses? any guesses?....    Im staying! hah Im staying with elder Rivera for another transfer. I thought i was out of here cause i already have almost 5 months here in Savana Perdida. Im actually really happy to stay, It looks like were gonna have alot of success this next transfer! 

             My cut finger is actually completely healed hah I think I have wolverine powers or something.. In like 4 weeks it was completely healed shut hah  My backs getting better, its still lame sometimes but we're gonna go to the doctor soon, cause elder Riveras got something wrong with his hand anyway. Yeah the enversores are stilll sitting on the floor in our house not conected which = yes still dying of heat.. especially going into August gahh! Yes please send Howard Dabb hah

          So we keep finding more and more cool people. Have i told you about Jorje yet? Well if not, Hes like 16, he´s the kid that lives by us and we just talk to him in the street and he said he wanted to get baptized. hah Before that he aparently has been to church quite a bit of times and we didnt even know. But weve started teaching his family. He lives with mom and little sister. His little sister is 10 and reminds me sooo much of Haylee Shmay! Tell Haylee ive found her dominican twin hah Her names Edyl. She came to church with Jorje last week for the first time, the mom's "sick" so thats why she didnt come. Last week we taught all them together and it was a way good lession with them perticipaiting and all, so at the end we invited them all to baptizm and Edyl jumped up and said "I will!" hah Jorje already wanted too so he said yea, but the mom stilll doesnt know. As soon as she comes to church she´ll want to. Her kids are awesome i dont know how she wont!             

           So yesterday at church there was a random kid that came and after he came up to us and said he wants to join. hah His names Edison, hes 17. He actually lives about the church in the same building right next to Sesa hah We went and visited him after hes way cool, but were gonna try and talk to the whole family. Its always better to talk to the whole family. But im just pumped that all these kids are wanting to join that are totally able to go on missions in a few years! Which is way solid cause then they go on their missions and convert a bunch of people too!

           Hah so something funny, We got a reference from bishop a few weeks ago of some member's husband that has visited a few times and was gonna get baptized a while ago with other missionaries. So of course we jumped on that. We went and visited him a few days ago and hes a super goofy, old dude named Domingo Molinuevo! Hes like 79, but anyway so the other day when we visited him and Like i said hes a really old dude so hes always on medicen and stuff but we were talking to him and he actually knows alot, he was explaining some random things about the church, so to start the lession i asked him "domingo do you think a prophet is important?" and he was like "yeah prophets are really... important..... really important... cause....."   BOOM! HE FELL ASLEEP! haha It was haliarious! His wife was sitting by him and was like "oh we'll just let him sleep, he hasn't slept much today" hah   Other than that hes a pretty cool dude, I guess the reason why he never got baptized was cause he couldnt leave coffee, but he's left it now and he wants to get baptized.

           Cesars still hanging in there, and Saturnino and Veni and getting closer and closer to marrige, they almost have 2000 pesos saved up! Jared Hatch has got it made! I'd much rather be cold than hot! I decided i like the cold so much more now that i havent felt cold for a year! Good luck with your talk on sunday mom! I cant believe its been a year since my farewell talk! wow. Hey i just barley read alma 30 like a week ago! i'd like to hear dad teach it hah

         Love and miss you guys so much, with my year mark coming around its hard to think that ill be coming home to you guys in just a year, i cant comprehend what its like at home now. hah

Elder Cowley       

Heres a pic of me and Megacentro! and a random picture on the way to megacentro of the river



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