July 24, 2012

Letter from July 24, 2012 Savana Perdida

     It was good to hear from you guys and all whats happenin up in ol´ Utahr. Garys email is in spanish! So awesome. And christy filled me in on the mantue happenings.  

  YEah we didnt get around to emailing yesterday. So we got permision to email today. 
ITs been quite rainny lately but that doesnt stop us! Last thursday we were just a bit too busy to wait out the rain. It was seriously raining cats and even more cats, no dogs.. and we were running lession to lessions in it hah Its so much easyer to do contacts in the rain, you get in every house you contact hah We were walking down a dirt road on our way to a members house and some people yelled to us from there house, "No se mojan!" which basicaly means "dont get wet, so come in" So we went in. We got talking a bit and it was a nice lady named laurdi. one of the first things that she said was, " im a evanglical..." We thought to ourselfs ohh great.. but waiting to judge she actually is really cool. We were sitting on the porch but the rain here likes to fall sideways so we had to go in the house. Her family was there too and like almost everyone in this area theyve talked to missionaries before. But laurdi was really interested in Jose smith and for some reason didnt know alot about him so she was askin all sorts of questions. The missionaries before us did a bad job cause she didnt remember much hah 

   Along with that family weve found 2 other awesome families this week. We talked to edison (one of the kids that whats to get baptized) agian and this time his whole family was there. We shared with all them and theyre way awesome. They have this little 2 year old baby girl that would not let go of me!! hah when they came to grab her she´d start crying and then run right back to me after haha Sharing with families is always so much better.     

    So we got saturnino and Veni´s birth certificates!! Veni found a job so they have enought money now! So dont worry about sending money guys hah but thanks for asking. The  church is gonna help out a bit with it too. We have the wedding planned for the 11 of agosto and their baptizm for the 18th!!! Were hoping everying works how as planned   

  Yet again weve found another who wants to join the church, this kids awesome, his names junior, Hes 22, big rayvan perscription glasses, and likes electronic music. hah Hes Pacos friend so weve been visiting him with paco. Junior was asking all about a mission cause pacos getting ready to send in  his papers.         

   So our ward had a baptism on friday, it was of the other missionaries elder urbina and elder madrid from our ward. It was a super storm on friday and so there were no members that came cause dominicans are scared of the rain.. hah But Cesar came with us! He wanted to see how the baptism goes down. HAh he just pasted by and said whats up right now, He lives right by the internet center. But anyway when we got to the chruch where the baptism was the baptizmal font was empty hah So we had to wait 2 hours for it to fill. There was a gran totally of 7 people at the baptism, Me my comp, 2 other missionaries, bishop, Cesar, and the old guy that got baptized.  Yeah!... It still was good. but kinda sad that the members are lame about baptisms. None go cause they know there going to have to give a talk cause no one else goes. but if everyone one went it wouldnt be like that!! ahh people sometimes. 
    SO yesterday was crazy. We went to parke del este with all the missionaries and played some more fúlbol. A game of 15v15... way too many people, rediculous.  And everytime atleast one missionary gets hurt. So we had a doctor appointment for elder Rivera cause hes got this random bump in his hand. So after playing soccer we got to go with the APs (assistents to president) in there huge van. Along with the monthly kid that got hurt playing. We went to some rehab center and waited for more than 2 hours, and they sucked out that bump from elder riveras hand and helped the other kid. Then after we had to go to a hospital to get a Xray for the other kid and So we were there for another 2 hours passing time with games and jokes haha And then the APs took us home. We got home at 9:30pm. Mmmm half the day at the hospital. Reminds me of me and mom and our weekly ventures to the hospital ughh. hah But everythings good now.  

   Welp we gotta get going so we have time to shop. Need me some Korn flake. im going on a korn flake phase for some reason. Korn Flake with honey. ¡Que rico! Its really good. you should try it. Cool. 

  THanks for the update of all. i hope my email made sense. i had to write fast. hah 

Love you guys! 
Elder Cowley    

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