July 10, 2012

Letter from July 9th, 2012

K lo k Familia!

         What a flippin´ sweet week! where do i start!

      Its been pretty off and on rainny and hot this week. This week we were pretty busy, we have a bunch of people were teaching right now. it always goes in waves. One week were super busy running visit to visit and then next were doing millions of contacts looking for new peeps to teach. hah  this past week weve have 14 new investigaters. and thats 14 real new people that we're passing by and visiting each week!

        Something funny happened on wednesday. So we went and visited Sesa, he's the one that lives right above the church in the building that we helped clean dishes.  But his sister named Nieve (snow in english) was there and started talking to us and telling us that someone gave him a book of ours that talks about how to raise your kids and stuff like that and that shes read it like 3 times. We were like well i dont think thats the book of mormon hah but come to find out it was one of the strength for youth booklet things, at the time we had no clue what she was talking about. but anyway we taught sesa and her about the BOM and gave them both one. Nieve is way cool and had a bunch of questions and so we're gonna past by her house and continue talking with her. But after the lession with them, on our way out of the building we ran in to bishop, and he was like "hey i have a reference for you guys, she's a good friend of ours and weve been wanting the missionaries to talk to her for a while. Her names Nieve..."   We were like "wait... we just talked to her just 5 seconds ago!" hah bishop was pretty impressed. We contacted his reference before he even gave it too us! haha

    So one investigater that we havent talk to for a while, we past by on tuesday and talked to him. Me and elder pritchett taught him a lot last transfer already but when we were talking to him last tuesday he told us out of no where that he's actually been messing with us and that he's actually a member! hah He hasn't been to church for a lot of years but he liked us passing by to reteach him everything cause he said he's forgotten everything!! haha So lame! He said he's gonna start coming as soon as he gets a new job cause he works on sundays right now.

    We had a little crazyness go down at Saturnino and veni´s house on thursday. We past by and there was two ladies there talking to them. We were like ahh great its probably the pastor from there old church. and sure enough thats who it was! hah She was mad at us cause she thinks we brain washed them. She was going off on all this crazy stuff that she had a prophecy that this was gonna happen and she was going crazy speaking in tongues-style, telling us to repent and leave because we're of the devil haha all this crazy stuff. my comp was pretty scared and i couldn't stop laughing! After all this crazy talk the pastor lady and her friend stood up and said "let's pray for them so that they can find the true way of christ!"  and so they put there hands up in the sky and were yelling nonsense and dancing in circles!!! hahaha i couldn't stop laughing! Lame evangeligist ladies! We ended up just leaving and coming back later to talk to saturnino and veni. Veni said that the pastor was trying to get them to come back to her church hah but yesterday they were in our church! So awesome.

         So something really humbling. So theres a really poor member named Marcos that lives in the cañada. (A really poor part of our area) He lives in this tiny shack house with his two kids. I dont know if you remember what i told you about  him quite a while ago but hes the one that locks his kids in the shack when he leaves haha but his kids havent had any school so they're not very smart and he has to lock them up or else they leave. So the past week during the night, one of the kids broke out of his shack and left. Marcos left the house for almost 2 days looking for him. Marcos is a pretty old dude and so from walking for two days his legs were super sore and he didn't eat for those two days too so he's having some stomache problems. But after he told us that all this happened to help him he said the only thing that can help him with the pains is the scriptures! When he reads he forgets about his pain that he has! He was at church yesterday and he's all better now but he was pretty bad last week.

         We talked to sesa again on saturday and he read the chapter that we left him and he explained every little thing to us! 3nephi11.  IT was so awesome. We also invited him to baptism and he said "Claro!"(of course!) !!  Woooo We set a date for the 28th of this month!    Then yesterday in church we had 8 investigaters in church!! Such a good way to end the week!!  Welp were gonna go buy some tostadas and icecream and then go shop for food. We got nothing to eat!

      No our enversor still isn't hooked up.:(  yes there was lightning the other day. its always really far away tho

       Wow your guys week at the cabin sounds pretty fun! Tell eli next year ill be there to sit around with him!


 Loves from elder cowley

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