July 3, 2012

Letter from 7/2/2012

         Whats up!

      we have had the best past few days of the transfer last week!

Tuesday in the morning our district leader called us and said that we we're getting inversores!! A inversore is a machine that conects to the power of the house and then hooks up to batteries and it charges up the batteries and then when the power goes out we still have power!  Were so pumped!!!  I guess the west mission and the santiago mission have had inversores for years and finally were getting them! Execpt still today its sitting in our house unconnected! lame! we have to wait for someone to come hook it up good, cause i guess its super dangerous if you hook it up wrong hah. Were hoping soon they come so then we can have power at night so our fan goes at it and cools down our room! hah       

            So we have been teaching two oldies named Saturnino and veni, and they've been to church for almost 4 months now. Were trying to help them get married so they can get baptized, they're super super poor. They've been saving up money to get married. To get married here  its 2500 pesos which is only like 65 bucks hah. But They also need their birth certificates so we just sent their information in to our office and they can print a copy and sent it to us. so as soon as we get those Saturnino and veni are gonna get married and baptized!

        Wednesday, i swear im not counting but .....  ¡¡! hit 11 months in the mission!! ahhhhh!! I'm creeping on my year mark! Theres a tradicion in the mission that you have to burn a shirt or pants hahah So we´ll see what happens..

     So the members here are getting a little lazy with us latley, they're not leaving with us as much hah but we have a new friend in the ward and he's helping us, his names Paco he's the bishops brother and he's getting ready for his mission soon so were helping him out. The other day i gave him my name tag plack and we made him do some contacts hah. Its funny how nervous he gets. Im so used to just talking to random people now, i swear i didnt get nervous like that before hah

   So we have a lot of people that we're teaching but they arent coming to church, the usual in the mission. So we have to drop alot of people and thats always a bummer but Sunday we were so blessed!!  of course Saturnino and veni were there like always, but Sesa came! Hes the guy we helped do dishes with, hes awesome. We've randomly seen him in the street each day this week for some reason, so we got to talk to him a lot this week. He lives right above where we meet for church so its not too hard for him to get to church hah. But he came and loved it, he wondered why we pray and sing so much in church, ive never thought about how much we pray and sing.  Also we had a girl named Diosmeri, that weve been teaching for a few weeks and trying to get her to church and she came yesterday!! i was way suprized cause she hasn't wanted to come cause it starts at 7:30 in the morning. We were gonna stop teaching her if she didnt come to church but she came! It may sound harsh but its what we have to do with people that aren't doing anything hah.  

Ponito fell off the face of the earth! He says hes been working alot so hes never home. Same thing is happening with Angel!   Last night we found a kid named Jorje, he lives right across from our house that wants to get baptized hah. Apparently he was in church last week and yesterday hah. He said he liked the church so much the first time he went to mutual and then church yesterday and now he wants to get baptized hah. Pretty randomly awesome tho!! Also, we found out that his friend that told us about him that is actually a member! hah Hes inactive but he told jorje that the church was sweet and really the only church that isnt crazy in this country hah. Were gonna try and talk to jorje's whole family tomorrow! yeah we're happy!!  

          Are you guys gonna try and send me some fish from alaska?? hah Sounds like dad had fun, searching for gold?? hah thats cool tyler wants to go on a mission.  {last letters photo} Those pants are from home but i got them fitted better here. I'm gonna get some made soon, its super cheap to get them made here too. Thats sweet gary got a drum set! hah

     Thanks for all your support everyone!

 Love and miss ya´ll!! Elder Cowley

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