June 26, 2012

Letter and Photos from June 25, 2012

                 AHHH so much cool happened this week where do i even start!! hah
   So about the weather i think its really starting to cool down a bit.. like i said, may and augost are supposed to be the two hottest months and for some reason it cools down just a bit in june and july. but really its only like 5 degrees different hah My little alarm clock has a thermometer on it and a few nights when i went to bed it said it was 91 degrees haha at 10:30 at night!! Its usually so hot we cant fall asleep until the power comes back at 12:00 then our little fan cools the room down a bit.
                  So you wont believe how much can happen in one week. so Ponito didnt get baptized this week :(... BUT LILIAN DID!!!!         First off Ponito got sick i guess and all we needed to do was meet with him one last time and do the baptizmal interview. But he got sick and we past by like 50 times and he wasnt there and he wasnt answering his phone. That went on for a few days so we just decided to cancel and hold off until hes feelin better. Hes kinda lost right now tho, kinda a bumber. He wasnt in church yesterday either. Were supposed to meet with him tonight so we´ll see how it goes hah      Ahhhh so with lilian! Shes awesome. So last friday we talked to her and she still wasnt feelin ready, so we told her just continue praying and asking if its what she should do and we told her we could just wait untill the 7th of july.   So then when we past by on tuesday we just started the lession normal and continued with the commandments that we still needed to talk about, tithing and offereings and all that fun stuff. So it was kinda a boring lession hah But we taught her about that and we were just about to close not thinking anything about baptizm and she was like, "ok, now lets talk about baptizm" and we were like "what?" hah And then out of no where she was like " im ready to get baptized saturday!"   We didnt even know what to say, it caught us so off guard! We didnt think we heard her right! hah She totally recieved an answer from God!!! She was so sure off it too! Its so awesome, every investigater that reads, prays, and comes to church and really wants to know recieves an answer! Just like Lilian did! So after we talked to her on tuesday we had our district leader come and interview her and ofcourse she passed. Saturday we had the baptizm and it was solid! she picked me to baptize her, so i got to do that!  Its so cool to get to see the whole teaching and change in people. Only about 2 months ago me and elder pritchett contacted her just like anyother random house contact and then i got to stay and teach everything and be here for the baptizm. Thats not super usual, Because we change area to area so fast we dont always get to see someone go all that way from just a random contact to an awesome member in the church!  Yesterday she was confirmed and im sure she´ll get a calling and be speaking in church pretty soon just like miguel! hah

       So last week i was making me some hot chocolate and for come reason i wasnt thinking and i was cutting the chocolate bar in half while holding it in my hand and yup the obvious happened.. I spliced my finger! My left hand pointer finger, its pretty deep too, i was over by the sink in the kitchen and was loosing alot of blood and i started getting really light headed and my vision started going black! So i yelled to my comp. "Dame la silla!! Dame la silla!" hah (Get me the chair!) so he grabbed the me a chair just right when i couldnt stand anymore and he grabbed some wrap stuff and i wrapped my finger real quick and then just sat there untill i couldnt see again!!! hahah it was pretty scary! hah dont worry tho everythings good now. I feel as if it was supposed to happen, because everytime i see someone playing the guitar on the street i go talk to them and play a bit. but now that i cut my finger i cant. i think God´s teaching me a lession. haha  Dont worry mom i wont do it again, and my fingers already healing hah 
           My backs still being lame! I called the doctor and he said just to wait and see if its still hurting in a week hah i bought some ibuprofen here cause i ran out. the ibuprofen here is so much stonger here hah I have some ice hot gel stuff that works really good so im good on that but thanks. I dont even know how ryley remembered that about the toy gun, i dont even remember doing that! hah Hes got a good little memory.

         You and lisa in the spanish class is not a good idea hah you guys are just gonna laugh the whole time. Hey tell dad to sent me some fish when he gets back from alaska! 

              Thanks! Love you guys! Elder Cowley.

Heres some photos of the baptizm and some random pics of a part of our area that we walk alot. La Cañada. Pic of a little dude playing that push the tire with a stick game. they love that here. An odd pic of me walking in the cañada. hah

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