June 18, 2012

Letter from 6/18/12

Hola familia,
           Whats up!

      YEs things are going great! its going better with my companion the first week is always different getting used to a new comp. You get used to one way of teaching and working with one comp and then they change. So then you have to get used to it all over again. Elder Riveras' a funny kid, were always laughing at things and people in the street hah I like it better speaking spanish all the time, it forces me to speak more spanish! With a american comp we just get lazy and speak english all the time. im getting to the point where i dont have to think about everyword im gonna say hah    THanks again for the birthday stuff, yea we used the singing candle! its just as retarted as the one we have at home. Everytime it plays the song over it drops a key hah  Arisleyda a member made me a cake! hah So we went to her house and i took the singing candle.  Yes i got grandmas card and heather and jakes package! thanks so much to them!  

             Baptizm for Ponito is on!! A few days ago he almost had to call it off cause someone he knows got in a car wreck and i guess for work he takes people medicine or something so hes been gone alot helping those people. Saturday night we gave him a call and got to meet with him and finish teaching him, so now just our district leader needs to come interview him and he's set! Im kinda mad cause yesterday in church the power went out and so when the bishop was announcing the baptizm the mic went out and who knows if anyone heard about the baptizm. but we´ll see if anyone comes, its hard to get members to the baptizm cause we have to go to the church in the other neighborhood.    Saturday night there was a pretty crazy thunder storm and so i think it broke one of the main transformers so sunday in church the power went on and off every 10 seconds hah. So they just ended up turning everything off cause it was such a distraction. Pretty funny tho It totally threw off the speakers hah. Oh our first baptizm in this are, Miguel, gave a talk. He only has 3 months in the church and has already given two talks in sacrement! Wait, i think ive only given about 2 to 3 talks in sacrement in 20 years! haha      

Weve been workin pretty hard lately, weve got smarter at planning lessions so we dont walk as much now! For some reason i have a crazy back pain for almost 2 weeks, we go to the capital this thursday for interviews with pres. so i think we´ll go to the mission doctor while were over there.  

       Today we went to mega centro! its a huge mall here. i felt like a was in great ol america! hah I got some taco bell. it was nice to eat some fake rice and beans for a change! hah

                Oh yeah family night at lilians last week was awesome! Bishop and a bunch of members came with us and we watched the joseph smith movie then after we had a little testimony meeting and then had some treats after. it was pretty legit. Lilian's totally ready to get baptized, she told us she knows joseph smith was a prophet and the BOM is true but i think shes just a little nervous to get baptized, the other day she was asking a bunch of questions how we do the baptizm and stuff. Shes gonna come to Ponitos baptizm and watch one first, so we postponed her baptizm to the 7th of july. Also there's a little kid named wilman that weve been teaching and he might get baptized the 7th too. and then the 30th of june the other missionaries in our ward in the other side have a baptizm. so if everything works out our ward is gonna have 4 baptizms 3 weeks in a row! hah pretty sweet!

   Ive been drinking juice alot, i rarely drink soda just if someone offers us some, they don't have mtn dew so im not to hot for soda, except the coca cola is better here, oh and cola really is pretty good. hah but its just as cheap and alot better to buy 2 mangos and bananas and make a smoothie! 

Dads already going to alaska again?? hah christy sent me some pictures from the cabin and the REAL game, looks fun!! Raccoons again?? hah wow. and pictures are no big deal for me to get i can see them right there in the email!

LOve you guys! Elder Cowley

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