June 11, 2012

Mykie had a birthday! #20


       THanks for the birthday wishes and boxes! holy cow! 3 boxes. at our district meeting is when we get our mail and stuff and so during our meeting the packages came and everyone got excited until they saw that all of them were for me haha everyone was pissed! hah So awesome. i told them it was my birthday so its ok.

    i dont feel 20..   am i supposed to?  my life is 1/4 over hah werid.

     So my new comps pretty cool. like i said hes from el salvador. His names actually elder Rivera. He has a super sad background, he never knew his dad and his mom died 4 months before he left on his mission, for those 4 months he didnt have a house so he lived in his uncles backyard in their chicken coop...  yeah i cant complain about ANYTHING. His life story is so humbling. but he doesnt let all that get him down tho, hes still out here serving!! such an example to me. That takes such a big testimony! wow   Hes a little on the lazy side tho haha but all is well, im workin with him.   

         Today we went to parke del este with all the missionaries from the mission again. Played some Fúlbol otra vez! im drained! it had to be like 95 degrees while we were playing. wait then plus the humididy so about 125ish? Con lo pie con lo pie! It was way fun tho, next time it should be more fun cause the old missionaries that hog the ball are leaving haha

      What a week, its super different always having to speak español 100% always. I like it tho its helping me alot! it should make my accent better and fix all my little flaws in spanish hah  Ponito is doing awesome! Hes such a pimp! GOLDEN for sure! Yesterday he went to church a little early and helped the members set up chairs and the tables and stuff. we didnt even know till the bishop told us too. We're just going over that last few commandments this week with him and then saturday he´ll be interviewed and he´ll be set for the 23rd!!!    Lilians doing good too. Shes been to church 3 weeks straight now. We gave her a libro de los mormónes (that's what people call it here hah) like 2 weeks ago and shes reading everyday so shes pretty far in. and everytime we visit she explains EVERYTHING perfectly that she read hah Tonight were going with some members and were gonna have family night at her house and watch the "josé esmit" movie! im pumped! Now Angel dissapeared for a while. He has a crazy work schedule and so only at night we can visit him. He works construction and we found out that he actually helped build the temple here! He was like yeah i help build one of your main chapels here. hah He said it was big and way pretty inside. and we were like yep thats the temple!  

  so im not sure if i told you yet but our church is closed now cause there making it bigger, so were in an apartment now, hah its way too small. but me and elder Rivera went and contacted the floors above the church cause we figured it would be really easy to get them to go to church, they just have to walk down 10 stairs hah But on the top floor we contacted a guy named Sesa. It was like he was waiting for us when we knocked on his door. He had seats that he brought out side and just started asking us questions and what not. it was sweet. He seems pretty interested so we´ll see if he comes to church. but before we left we asked, " is there anything we can do for ya?" and he was like oh yeah i got a bunch of dirty dishes hah so we help him out with that and cleaned all his dishes. (yeah theres no such thing as a dish washer here. you just wash them by hand in the sink.) but that was the first time anyone has ever accepted our help! We ask people after every visited if we can help them clean or anything and they always say no hah Not Sesa, he was all over that.      

      Thanks again for all the boxes again!  hah wow i had a good birthday because of that! I made me my own biscocho!  A dominican birthday cake! ill send a pic of it hah THANKS! i love the pictures of haylee ryley and charley! hah charley looks so funny! in his sweet suit thing!  love you guys! Elder cowley  

Here's some pictures of my birthday party by myself!:) DOMREP birthday cake and Opening presentes and me being 20 years old. with my new sweet tie! thanks!

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