June 5, 2012

Letter from June 4th, 2012


   ¡¡¡Feliz cumpliaños Papá, mi sobrino Ryley y Abuela Baron!!!

   And to me too! im gonna be 20! ahhh thats old! i still feel like a kid. holy smokes time is flying by way too fast. When people ask me my age i still want to tell people 16 for some reason.hah Yeah as far as my birthday here. im sure ill start it off with some corn flakes maybe a pancake or two.. yea! and then we´ll get to work just like any other day. Maybe we´ll stop by a bakery and get some biscocho! (cake!) 

   So transfers are tomorrow. and im STAYing!! woooo  im way happy about that! i can stay and keep working with all our progressing investigaters that we have! Elder pritchetts off to another part of the capital. and Im getting a latin comp! Elder jivera or somethin, hes from el salvador! He has just a few months more than me. Im pretty excited because all my comps have been americanos. So my spanish should improve alot this next transfer! No more english! ehh i dont like english anyway. i cant even spell words anymore, words in spanish are spelled how they sound! but im really happy to stay because things have been going great latley!  

   We had Angelas and Lesli's baptizm saturday. It went just great. There wasnt many members cause we have to do the baptism in the church in another part of town cause ours is closed. They picked me to baptize them so i was glad to do that. i always like doing the baptizing part cause then you dont have to give a talk hah     Then Angela and Lesli got confirmed yesterday in church. like i said we had a bunch of investigaters in church too there was alot of people! We were in this building and it was packed. It was a good testimony meeting, yes like always Captain started the meeting off, he jumped up and ran up right after bishop. hah theres never the awkward silent waiting moment in testimony meetings here too. The members are so quick to get up here. We have sacrament last now and we had our investigater class right before so we were all together so when sacerment started we had a whole row with all our investigaters hah it was sweet. Ponito was there for his first time, he loved it! and Lilian was there and she brought one of her daughters too.

  Unfortunatly Angel was busy this week again but he should be there next week. We have our baptizmal date for Ponito the 23 of june and hes so ready! We also set a goal for the 23 with lilian but shes still waiting for an answer but shes been reading alot in el libro de mormón and shes been to church twice and she came to the mothers day activity last week, she was there with the relief society laughing and have fun with their weird old lady games they play haha no offense..  But lilian will totally get an answer!    

  Also were gonna set a goal with Angel possibly next lession, weve just been having the best lessions with him everytime! We gave him a book of mormon last time and he was pretty pumped to read it.   Everythings going great! I hope my comps cool! We´ll see!  To your questions, no church isnt much like at home its alot more entertaining here! hah Im not sure why they like hot chocolate cause its hot even in the morning. No i havent lost or gained any weight still hah  and Danilo won the elections.   Hows the wheelchair, mom? hah those stories were pretty funny!

    Love you guys! Elder Cowley

Heres some pics of the Baptizm and the other pic is of a dominican family van! hahah

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