May 30, 2012

Letter from Monday, May 28 2012

              Things are just going splended. Is that even a word? but yeah you know just working harder than ever cause its our last week of this transfer so were going to try and beat all our record numbers from the other weeks hah Last week went by slow casue we had a bunch of meetings and then we were in the house for the first two days and last tuesday too they called us and said that we needed to go to the house. After a whole day of not a lot (we had all our lessions planned from 7:00 to 9:00) we had to go to our house at 7:00 cause of the expected riots.. hah In utah the news says expected rain or snow but in the DR the news says expected RIOTS hah  We had to run around and cancel all our lessions tho. lame... We never saw anything tho. casue our neighborhood is pretty chill. 

                So we had a zone confrence with a few other zones last thursday. Elder Cornish from the 70 came and spoke to us. He talked in the last general confrence. He used to be a mission president in one of the missions here. It was way sweet just to be in that guys presence. you can just tell hes called from god.  then president, his wife, some senor missionaries, the office missionaries and the assisitent missionaries all talked to us! it was way good but way too long! we got there at 8;30 and it got over at 5:00!  We got to see the number states of the mission and i guess they're as low as the mission has ever seen! hah not very exciting to hear..  but we talked about how were going to get out of this slump and excite all the missionaries. im pretty sure its just becasue 3/4 of the missionaries are new!  Everyones still learning! hah things should pick up soon.  
          Yes were set for the baptizm this saturday with angela and lesli. the grandma finally steamed down and thinks there ready.  So weve been teaching a guy named Angel and i think hes my favorite investigator that we have! Hes just such a happy dude. everytime we come visit him he makes us pinnapple juice! Jugo de piña!!  We contacted him like a month ago then never could find him cause he works alot. but about 2 weeks ago we finnally found out that hes there at 8, so weve started teaching him. Last sunday he came to church and we went and picked him up and when we got there he had some hot chocolate waiting for us hah  Church was only an hour last week cause of eleccions.  He liked church alot tho and when we teach him he always has alot of good questions. Hes so cool. hah yesterday he wasnt able to come casue it was mothers day here.

we had another investigator come yesterday. Werent expecting it but her names lilian and we called her in the morning before church to see if she was coming and she was getting ready to come right when we called. she didnt know where the new buildling was that we have church now so we were just going to meet her at the old church, but as we were walking to the main street by the buildling  not even 5 seconds past by and i looked up and there she was driving by! so i flagged the car down like we needed a ride cause she didnt see us and ran up to the car and knocked on the window hah she was way suprized. its was just funny cause if we wouldnt of stop the car she would of gone all the way to the old church and would of had to wait for us, but we arrived at the main road perfectly in time and stopped her right by where we were having church! Way too cool to be a coincidence!   She stayed for the full 3 hours and liked it alot. she totally fits in with the relief society ladys haha I think she´ll join the church real soon.  

       One more story im our of time! so yesterday we went and visited Amalias brother cause a member, tereza, told us that we should, so we went with tereza cause she gave us the reference. His names Ponito hes funny and a little shy like Amalia hah but within the first few minutes of teaching him he told us that he wants us to baptize him and right when he said that, tereza jumped up and hugged him and was way happy for him! hah It took her a while to settle down. i guess shes known him for a long time and 16 years ago she took the missionaries to him but he didnt want to join at that time. so she was way excited! But it was really cool to be there. I swear we didnt do anything special, we're just glad to be the missionaries here while hes ready to accept!  Super cool week. i think i could go on and on but im out of time :(

thanks for all! love you guys! 

Elder cowley

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