May 20, 2012

Letter from Saturday, 5/19/2012

Hey family,
             Yeah we're writing today because we can't leave the house tomorrow or monday.  Elections are this week and its gonna be wild in the streets!  People are already getting way too excited hah Yesterday they had a HUGE parade of people in the main street, we had to walk past it all too, it was like being at a concert. There was loud music and everyone yelling "Llegó papá!" He's one of the guys running and then i'm sure today there's gonna be a parade for Danilo, the other guy running.  I think elections are blown way too much out of proportion here hah again its just another excuse to not work and party hah     

        This week been pretty rainy, its raining right now, and there's actually been a daily breeze hah Some people we talked to were saying its actually "mas fresco", cooler in june and july.. and that may and august are the 2 hottest months. im not so sure about that, its just always hot hah  

     So i got a blender from elder anderson my trainer, cause he finished so i inhereted hit blender!  So i've been expirimenting with differenet juices lately. holy cow, i guess its (piña) pinnapple season cause they are everywhere! and you can buy pretty good sized ones for 10 pesos. that's like 25 cents in america.  i've been buying those and always bananas. i've made some way good fresh banana and piña milkshakes too. the fruit is way too good here. Thats one reason why i might just move here. :) 

     The other day we visited a reference from roberto, a family that moved from haiti a few years ago just like roberto. The other day when we visited them they had a way sweet haitian band concert video that they were watching. After we got there, about 2 minutes later the power left so we were just gonna pray and come back another day. So while we were praying the power came back. So we got to teach them! We had a way good lesson with them. Except that only two of them spoke spanish, josalyn and abilese. after we would say a little bit then they would tell the others in french/creole, its so cool sounding! i wanna learn it, while we were teaching i learn a few words. Faith = fuá , Pray = puiyé.  then right when we were ending with the closing prayer right when we said amen the power left again! hah it was awesome.

   So we have our baptizm today!!! for Amalia! the two girls Angela and Lesli that we're gonna get baptized are gonna wait 2 more weeks. their crazy grandma thinks "no están listas" that there not ready..  lame. they are smarter than about 80% of all out investigators hah they know a lot and they're only 12 and 10. But it should be good today cause were going to do the baptizm with another ward at their church because the lack of our chapel hah  We were gonna have roberto baptize her but last night when we visited her she said that she didn't want him to do it hah so thats gonna be an akward conversation with roberto. hey yeah.. so.. she doesnt want you to baptize her. hah no we'll just tell him that one of us are gonna do it. Its gonna be a long weekend of being in the house and reading alot i guess. hah hope alls going good in good ol´ Utahr!

Love ya´ll!  Peaze out! 
 Elder Cowley

heres some pics!
1.One of our zone after our water balloon fight.
2. Some pics of those houses on the steap hill i told you about off the bridge that we cross to get to our area from the captial.
3.One of me repin´ my Danilo hat!
4. Before and after pics of our espageti!

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