May 14, 2012

Letter from May 14, 2012


          That was awesome to talk to you guys last night! its so fun to get to hear everyone and see how everythings goin. its good to just here your voices, after being here for a while and just reading your emails and letters its hard to believe everyones still alive. hah i loved what Rylee kept saying in his little mouse voice, "mikie i miss you, i wanna jump on the tramp with you" haha 
        So today we had our zone activity and we went to the church and had a water balloon fight! we all split up to different faucets to fill up the balloons and of cousre like always we were all throwing them at each other before we started. Me and elder perschon were inside of the church filling them up and elder meranda walked past the window from out side and so we hucked a balloon from inside and nailed him hah so then they went and got some balloons and came back and threw a balloon in threw the window and hit one of the shutters and it shattered all over!  luckly we were hiding by the wall or it would have shattered on us! hah So ridiculous. Finally after a while we started, we had huge green balloons that wouldnt break when they hit you, they hurt so bad! and then we bought a bunch of bags from a colmado and used those. We played capture the flag/ water balloon, but like every water balloon fight, whoever gets wet gets teamed up on and then someone always gets the hose and sprays everyone. hah so typical. then after we all pitched in and ordered Burgers! I felt so AMERICAN! Burger and fries delivered right to the church, pretty sweet.  For some reason after everyone ate there was 2 boxes. So we had a tournament of water balloon volleyball and whoever wins gets the extra burgers.  Ya me and my comp didnt win.. but it was fun. Its so hot thats the only thing that you can do in the sun this time of year, or swim...  
      So we found out that we can't leave our houses this sunday night and all day monday. casue its elections here on the 20th and i guess its too dangerous for us to be out in the street. Maybe casue theres gonna be crazy Rioting?  hah i dont know. People are way to in to the elections here, a few nights ago we got home and there was a bunch of people out in the street just partying and there was a car with huge speakers right next door playing music as loud as the speakers could go! when we got home we we're trying to plan and we were yelling from 2 feet away and we couldnt hear each other. hah wow. Oh and this week end we're not supposed to wear purple or blue ties because thats the colors of the two guys running, so people dont think were for one of them hah So for this we have to stay in all day monday. but Im not complaining tho Its gonna be nice to have a day to chill, we're always so busy its nice to just sit and think.
      Amalia, Angela, and Lesli!!! Baptizm this saturday! 4:30! be there! Woot.   
So there shutting down our church for 7 months to make it bigger so we have to do the baptizm in another church somewhere. and then this sunday we're going to start to meet in some random building. im not sure how were gonna fit but we´ll see. hah  As far as other investigaters, were trying to refresh our intestigator pool. So were gonna start doing alot more contacts.  FUN!..  not. Well ok sometimes its fun, when we contact the people that have all these theories about los mormónes. So we just set everything straight. "no we dont pray to José esmith.." haha     
Welp everythings going just great here. im still soaking wet from the water balloon fight so we need to get home!
                  Love you guys! Elder Cowley

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