May 14, 2012

Letter from May 7, 2012


         Hello family and other people who read..

   Happy birthday Jake!

             THings are just swell here in the good old Dom Rep! 



                Tropical... ya know. I guess may is the start of the super rainy months so i guess well see. Right now its super hot, every day its super hot in the morning then it rains in the afternoon.  And we have the wonderful opportunity to walk in it all.:) But its all good.

 we taught a butt load of lessions this past week so we were luckly out of the sun alot of the time. Elder Pritchett still got burnt tho.  Last wednesday one of the cool kids in the ward left for his mission. José, hes the one going to equador. But last monday night we went to his house with his family and had family night. Hermana Perdomo reshared at scripture that i shared with them a few days before. Alma 37:33-34. my favorite as of now.

Y despues tuvimos chocolate!! well its really hot chocolate, but they just call it chocolate here. it was way good. they just boil water and but some bar things of chocolate and some other stuff but its way good. But its a bummer José left casue he came and visited with us almost everyday. we were rackin up the member present lessions hah He liked it casue we were letting him teach some of the lessions to get him ready.       

So we got to ride the metro again! we had a meeting in the capital. We caught the metro at like 7 in the morning and it was PACKED so crazy! all the people were standing right at the edge of the tracks and then when the metro comes the people pile out and pile in at the same time! We were standing right by the door and we barley fit in! hah it squished my comp. I thought it was gonna fall off the tracks when it went around the corner hah  but the meeting was way good too. It was for all the trainers and trainies.  We all had to get up and talk about the training program and what we like and dont like. It was fun to see all the kids in my group and how good everyones spanish is. After we had chicken burritos made my Hermana Hernandez! It was a good change from rice and beans.... there was still chicken. Oh hey ive started cooking plantonos, plantains? in english? but theyre soo good! I guess they're health too. so thats good, i feel as if im going to turn in to rice and beans if i keep eating it........      But ya the meeting was solid. the President of the MTC here in the DR. President Glazer. He talked alot about inviting people to church or baptizm or whatever with the scriptures rather than just asking them our selves.  it was cool how he presented it.          

HAH so Captian America got up yesterday and bore his testimony.. well no you cant even call it a testimony. HE got up and started saying, "Ustedes son locos, Yo soy loco, todos son Locos" and then somehow tied that in by naming everything that The lord created. and he was naming everything that came to his mind, saying it really fast. it sounded like those auction car shows that dad always watches! hah          

 So our baptism date with Alexander fell, but were still working with him. We'll set another one soon.  But with a lady named Amalia she should be getting baptized the 19th as well with two girls named Angela and Lesli, they're a members grandkids that she lives with and they've always gone to church so theyre easy to teach casue they know everything hah but theyre getting baptized the 19th too! Were super pumped! wooooo! Baptizms are always nice:) 

     Welp thats all thats in my mind right now.  Have a good week!  

 LOVe yall! Elder Cowley

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