May 7, 2012

Mike fills in the blanks.. @ 9 months

1. Its been 9 months into your 2 year mission, How long do you feel like you've been gone?

 i feel like ive been out for... 9 months and 9 days and 15 hours and 14 mintues...  hah it feels like we were at jeremiah's just yesterday. but at the same time it seems like forever!!

2. What is your favorite thing about the DR right now?

my favorite thing is.. REGGAETONE! BOMCHI BOMCHIBOM CHI BOM CHI! hah not. its so annoying. but they do  have little stores called colmados on every corner of everystreet. and Foods really cheap in them too!

3. What do you think the temperature is where you are, right now?

Its probly like 85 but with humididy like 145ish?

4. What food do you miss today?

AHHH chinese food!!! When me and eli would come home from snowboarding and get chinese food and sit on the couch and play fifa....:( ahh chinese food.

5. Do you dream in english or spanish?

Ive actually had alot of dreams in spanish and english.. but im never talking... just the people around me are. its odd.

6.What is something you want to remember that has happened so far?

hmmm.. wanna hear something gross? i dont think i want to remember it tho. dont tell mom she´ll freak haha but a few days ago we came home and for some reason there were maggets all over the floor in our house!!!!! hah we were soo freaked out! my comp was gonna puke. hah we figured out it was from the wet mop in our house. i guess flyes layed there babies there.. hah way gross! but we cleaned them all. so its all good now. 

7. What is your favorite thing to teach about the gospel?

my favorite thing to teach right now is right after we tell people about jose smith, becasue  they never remember his name. Jaun smith? Jean smith? Jacob smith? will smith?... hah those are just a few of what ive heard hah  they never remeber his name hah (thats probly not the answer you wanted huh?)

8. Who has made the biggest impression on you so far? 

A Member named Mario Vasquez in my last area, los llanos. He's the coolest dude He got in a way bad motorcycle week and shattered both his legs. now its been 3 years but he's still in a lot of pain when he walks and he still visited people with the missionaries daily. and he lives way far away from church be he's there every week. ohh yeah, did i forget to mention he's the BRANCH PRESIDENT. haha he was made the branch president after being a member for ONLY 1 YEAR! he's such a hard worker.

9. What's the funniest thing that happened recently?

Playing fúbol with all the other missionaries last monday. ITs was really fun to play 11 on 11. and not just on fifa this time. in .REALLIFE.

10. What is the biggest thing you've learned recently? 

Spanish. The gospel. How to live on my own. The scriptures. Being a missionary.  How to not be affraid of anything, cause the Lord has got my back:)   and making rice.  

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