April 30, 2012

Letter from 4/30/12

Whats up fam!
            K lo K! Da me luz,. Plantandome! some DR slangs always fun. hah Things are going just killer here. Its been a really rainny week this week. Right after a really hot week then next week always is a rainny week. We keep forgetting our sombrias so we’ve either been getting really wet or we wait it out in a colmado hah Its still getting hotter and hotter every week,i dont know how!  We’re constantly wet, sweat or wet from the rain. 
Yet again we had another sweet week! We have a investigator named Amalia, she talked to the missionaries 7 years ago but now were teaching her, she came to church twice now and she loves it. So yesterday when we were teaching her we set a baptizmal date for the 12th! shes way pumped about it hah She a little older but shes way open to learning new things. and then we just got a reference from a member of some family members that want to get baptized hah so we’re gonna start teaching them too! After a month in this area things are starting to pick up!  So we’re pretty happy about that! No the Nephite guy didnt come to church, were gonna go visit him tho. and Jerrys from the ghetto of New York. He’s a thug.
   Today all the missionaries met up at Parke del éste! a huge park here in Santo Domingo. We had a way legit game of futból go down. holy cow it was really hot but it was super fun. theres some big bleachers where all the lame missionaries were sitting casue they´re lazy, but it felt like we were playing pro or something with a bunch of peeps watchin haha pretty sweet. 
Yesterday after church, a way sweet family in the ward, the perdomos cooked us some food for us to take to the house, cause we still cant eat in houses of members hah it was way good rice, called moro. its cooked rice with the chicken at the same time, or you can do it with rice and beans, so its like mixed in with rice. its super good. We haven’t figured out how to make it yet but were gonna give it a try this next week hah 
    Yes those are my shoes. did you get the joke, theres sun shine in my ¨Sole¨ hah my shoe sole :) in the other picture yes those are our old mattress´s out side because we got new ones! ha they are pretty nice, but they came brand new with the plastic bags on them so get this, theres a rule in the mission with the mattress´s that we cant take of the plastic bags!!! haha its so dumb. So when we are on them its SUPER loud with every tini-tiny movement that we make! We’re suppose to leave them so that the mattresses last longer...   And the bag hanging on the fence.. hah well its actually not a fence its the bars on the house, casue all houses have bars over the windows for safety. but the bag its of our left over rice hah we cant put it down the drain cause itll get stuck so we have to throw it away in plastic bags and its hanging up on the bars becasue if its on the ground, the gatos get it!!! pretty funny so after a few days of eating rice we have a bunch of rice bags decorating the house.  
thanks for the cd player and cookies theyre perfect! im really excited for my new shoes!!  It’s the 13th we get to call or skype! this internet center has skype too so we might be able to do that!
Thanks love you guys! 
Elder Cowley

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