April 24, 2012

Letter from 4/23/12

Hola familia!

            Everything just going great, weeks are flying by soo fast! I felt like i just wrote you guys.
I just finished my 5th transfer and 1 transfer of training complete, now on to part two. The training program they have is 2 transfers so ill be staying with elder pritchett this next transfer. I feel like ive have learned so much in this past transfer with training. Im understanding and speaking as good as i would have hoped at 9 months hah so i cant complain. Still when theres the people that speak really fast and quiet its still a little hard hah

Oh man a few days ago while we were out in the hot sun contacting, theres was a guy cutting his grass with a machety and he had the coolest long hair, he didnt look like a dominican at all, he looked like a nephite or something. but we decided to contact him so we went up and asked him if he wanted help but like everyone here we ask he didnt accept. but we got talking to him and he talked sooo FAST it was rediculous! me and elder pritchett were trying not to laugh while we were talking to him hah I pretty much just had to guess what he was saying.   He said hed come to church next week so we´ll see.   

 I think we walked the most ive ever walked in my life this past week hah. we still are doing a horrible job planning our lessons conveniently. With our investigator Felicia, im not sure if she´ll get baptized here, she doesnt have enough time. But were going to give the missionaries in venizuela where she lives a reference hah  So last monday write after we emailed we had a lesson with Alexander, hes about 21, and hes been reading out of the book of mormon that we gave him so we set him a baptismal date for the 18th of may. He accepted! So were going to keep passing by and helping him out, We found him through his little brother gabriel who has been coming to church for a while and been wanting to talk to us. But gabriel hasnt been there when we pass by to visit so we just started teaching his brother alexander hah Hes way cool, he used to play for a way legit baseball team here. Also last lesson, we went with a member jose whos leaving for his mission in a week, so alexander was talking to us and asking us about the mission, it was pretty sweet, hes was interested. Also weve been trying to reactivate a guy and his family named Jerry. He’s from america but has his family here, its really weird to talk to people in english after talking in spanish all day everyday. I feel like so much happened this week but it went by so fast i cant even remember! hah

Were still getting alot of help from the members here, they’re awesome. hah so one funny thing about this area, so for garbage a random day of the week theres a garbage truck that just drives down the streets really slow and honks its horn. so when you hear the horn you gotta stop what your doing and grab all the trash in the house and run out side and then you just throw your trash right in the back. weve missed it the past few times hah Its just way funny too see eveyone with there trashbag chasing down the truck hah.  

( Theres is really loud music playing right now in this internet center so i can not focus on my email!)  welp i better finish up! Is there any questions you have about the DR? i feel like im not explaining anything haha    Love you guys! Elder Cowley

Pictures of the shoes of a missionary.
¨there is sun shine in my sole today¨ 

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