April 9, 2012

Letter from April 9, 2012


Happy Easters! hope you didnt have diarrheas. hah "nacho". Easter was pretty good here, They actually call it Semana Santa( Holy week) Everyone takes off work for the whole week and visits family. Alot of people have blow up swimming pools that they set up and put in the streets. Theres one on every corner hah It was a little hard to work cause alot of people were gone visiting family. For the last 3 days, friday to sunday its the main part of the semana santa and everyone stays in there houses, it was kinda weird walking around cause there wasnt that many people in the streets.

This past week we did intercambios(exchanges?) with our district and then the zone leaders, Wednesday i got to go to another area so that was nice to see more of the city and see how the other missionaries teach and whatnot. Then friday Elder Mcfarland came to our area, it was fun to talk because he went to fremont so we know alot of the same people, Hes finishing up so he's got way good spanish. Today it just started raining like crazy out of nowhere, Earlier today we had a little zone activity and made chichiguas!.. Kites! Im not sure if ive told you or not before but every kid here flyes kites everyday i swear hah Theyre all way good, Theres even some kids that are like 4 and theyre pro at it. Today we never could get ours flying, there wasnt a breeze but that shouldn't matter, cause all the kids here fly theirs at anytime durring the day, We tryed running with the kites, standing on the roof but we couldnt figure it out hah We also played a little fútbol and did some parkour! hah it was pretty legit, almost broke some ankles but its all good hah

Its just getting really really hot here now and its only april. The hottest time of the year is in Augost? august? how do you spell that? hah Agosto, there its easier in spanish hah After we went and ate some PicoPollo. The convinient food of the DR. Fryed chicken and rice! what else could it be!

Ahh dangit, i just remembered my clothes are hanging up out to dry but its raining hah oh well got them double washed i guess hah We havent talked to Danilo and Ybonne for a while now cause they left for Easters. Pretty much for all of our investigadores. We are teaching an old couple that was a reference from a brand new member hah Theyre a little slow so its kinda hard for them to learn but they came to conference last week and to church this week and they loved it.

Sounds like your cruise went good! Glad you guys had fun!
Todobien aqui, yo tengo un chin de gripe pero estabien!

Elder Cowley.

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