April 9, 2012

Letter from April 2, 2012


This week was pretty rad. We got permision to go to all of the sessions of conference so that was nice, Me and the other americano missionaries got our own room apart so we could listen in english! We had our own tables and we were just snackin away, Untill some muchachos from the big room where everyone else was found out where we were and that we had snacks then they came and stealing our treats haha I think the main point out of confrence for me was W.W.J.D. hah No ones perfect but everyone always needs to strive to become like christ daily. Hard thing to do, but ive found that keeping that in mind and living that way always brings more happiness.

So im dying sweating right now, were in a really small internet center with no fan hah With summer approching its just getting hotter and hotter everyday here, my comps dropin the pounds like to other! hah Hes in two more belt notches in 3 weeks! For some reason im just staying the same weight.. We walk so much in this new area. Weve came to the realization that were not great planners hah We plan one cita at one end of town and then an hour later plan then next one at the other end of town and then not notice till its that day and we have to speed walk ourselfs clear across town haha

Last thursday we had interviews in the captial at the mission office. President talked and then after we had a banana break and out side there was guys painting the building and my comp didnt see and leaned up against the wall and got paint all over his shirt and pants hah luckly one of the painters felt bad and he helped him out and scrubbed all the paint off hah pretty funny tho. Its always nice to talk with president hernandez. Hes such a goofy dude! After interviews we had a scripture chase game and i bought this mini bible and i was using that and president thought it was the funniest thing hes ever seen, he kept crackin jokes about it hah Oh so on our way to interviews we took the city metro! yeah DR has a metro! It was so sweet! Its actually really clean and nice too. It goes up and over alot of the city and over some rivers, it was really cool.

So we have two investigators named Danilo and Ybonne, Theyre way cool but last lession, It was pretty much the first real lession with them, but It was going way good and we were talking about baptizm and its importance, and right when i went to take a breath to invite them to baptizm there cousin came flyin in the door and interupted it all :( She was all talking loud and showing them her new baby and what not,and then when she left she did that kissy cheek good bye thing to us.. it was werid, after me and my comp looked at each other like "what the!" Welp she just ruined everything.hah But its ok cause next lession well invite them, But Danilo and Ybonne both have alot of intrest and they came to confrence! Wow i really talk about some random things hah But We have some really cool people were teaching right now i wish i had time to talk about all of them. But everythings doin good here in this wild DR neighborhood. im happy, healthy what more could i ask for! Mom and dad have fun on your cruise! sheesh! Thanks for all your support and love!!

Love you guys! Elder Cowley

Heres some pictures!

Some of the bapitzm,
One of our food we bought today incase your interested in what were eating hah
Our nasty cockroach pile after the bug killer guy sprayed our house
and a pic from our window of a typical DR street hah

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