March 27, 2012


hola buenas! ¿Como Estan? so im really mad right now because I had my whole email writen and the power left and this didnt save it... ahhhhh..

So we had a baptizm saturday! His names Miguel Castillo hes awesome.hes 27, He was a investigator from the missionaries that were here before, they had already taught him the first few lessons and they already had him a baptismal date so we just had the finish up the teaching and resolve some of his doubts. Hes a little shy but in our investigator class in church hes always answering all the questions before everyone else. the baptizm went good tho! It started at 6 so dominican time.. 6:30. hah So we had to wait a little while for people to show up but after a while there was a bunch of people that came. Elder Pritchett baptized him casue it was his first baptizm!! woo!

Yesterday in church miguel got confirmed too, which is always good cause alot of people here that get baptized never get confirmed for some reason hah Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting in church. The people here have way too much faith hah Half of the members were up on the stage waiting to bear there testimony.

So theres a guy in our ward that we call Captain America hah he wears a white suit with the american flag inside of it and he wears a american flag tie every sunday! But he got up and bore his testimony and was talking really fast and jumpin all around. it was quite strange. And everysunday after church he gives us and the other missionaries in our ward these weird treat things. Were yet to try them casue were scared hah Other than that dude tho the meeting was really good.

Were finnaly getting settled in the house now, the missionaries that were here before didnt like the clean much i guess hah so Weve been cleanin today. The house is mesquito proof tho! The missionaries that were here put up mesquito nets over all the windows, its sweet. But the only problem is, is when a fly or mesquito gets in, it cant get out. There was a huge killer bee that got in a few days ago! it was so scary. We were just studying in peace and flew in the this huge bee and it chased us around the house hah way funny.

Im not sure what the name of the street we live on, theres no street signs. hah

LOvo yall! Elder Cowley

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