March 20, 2012

Letter from 3/19/12: Los Restaurandores, Sabana Perdida 2 {?}

Hola familia,

It yet has been another crazy week in the mish! Im here in the zone Los Restauradores, area Sabana perdida 2. So, on my way to the training meeting tuesday morning and i got lost in the capital by myself, i was kind freaked out. the bus took a different route that it usually takes so i got dropped off somewhere where id never been before. so i had to catch a taxi and try and explain my way to the mission offices where we had the training meeting. Somehow i found the way hah Then we had our training meeting for a few hours. And then we got our companions. This next group of missionaries was 20 and there was only 5 missionaries that left. So the mission opened up like 8 new areas! After the meeting, we had a member aranged to come pick us up so it wasnt too hard to get to our area.

Our area is another part of santo domingo, i think, its just acrossed a river from the main part of the capital. When you cross the bridge over by the river and on the hill, by the river, theres not even a foot of land without a house. They have houses build on the steapest hill i have even seen. Im not sure who first got the idea to start building houses there, its wild hah Our house is pretty sweet. Its up on the 2nd floor which is always nice, and we have the roof of the building too that is ours. We have a way cool view from up there too, im gonna start studying in the morning up there hah.

So here in sabana perdida is a really big change from little los llanos! In los llanos everyone has their own yard and house. {here} Its just streets and apartments and houses. We live right across the road from a colmado that likes the play there music really loud, so its always nice jammin to some salsa hah some nights untill 4 in the morning hah For some reason our nieghbors below us have a huge bird cage with a bunch of birds in there back patio, So were always going to bed with music and bird noises, its just great hah

yes we have a working fridge this time hah The members here are awesome. Theres a street here in our area with a nickname little utah, because about half the members in the ward live on it hah Its really nice having a big ward too. We have a bunch of return missionaries and kids leaving on their mission soon that are always helping us out. The members here are all way nice too. So it hasnt been hard to get to know everyone and the area. We have put in alot of hours walking around doing contacts getting lost but we pretty much know the area now.. masomenos..

A few days ago when we were contacting i saw a kid our on his front porch jammin on the guitar.. so of course I contacted him!! We talked to him about guitar for a bit and he let me play for a while, He was just beginning so i taught him a few things. Im not gonna lie, ive deffinetly lost my touch hah But we invited him to church and left him with a foyeto to read but he told us he plays drums in the church he goes to. Yes, there are churches here that just have bands that play music for church hah

I really am liking this area, its deffinetly a change. Oh yeah my comp, His names Elder Pritchett, Hes from logan UT. Training's just going great. My comp doesnt know much spanish so ive had to be the one to always talk and understand everything people say with no one the fall back on hah

The Lord has deffinetly blessed me this past week, all it took was a little faith and spanish just started clicking really fast. I was really suprised when i started to understand people even when they were speaking as fast as they speak hah Its awesome. hah

Mom and lisa at Zumba i can only imagine how that went hah

haylee, No we actually don't have a super market in our area, and we walk by food everywhere.
They stopped giving missionaries bikes because there were kids on the streets that would steal the bikes when missionaries were in lessions hah

I totally forgot about St patricks day.. hmm Haha thats crazy about nate leaving so soon.

Welp sounds like things are going good, up there. thats wierd weather. Here its been raining everyday at about 4 o clock.

Love you guys!
Elder Cowley

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  1. Reading this missionary letter gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. How blessed are those willing to serve the Lord with all their might, mind, and strength! Elder Cowley is certainly an amazing missionary!

    I love your Mike quotes here in the side bar. He is so funny! It was so great to read about his experiences. Thanks for posting Elder Cowley's letters, Christy!!