April 17, 2012

Lette from April 16, 2012

Hola Familia,

Things are just going great.. and hot. Weve had a pretty solid week this week, Our zone got to go to the temple last wednesday! I always love going to the temple here, its so sweet! I swear the temple changes colors. When we got there it was raining so it was like a dark brownish color but then when we finished and came out it was all sunny and it was like a light green color. They must have painted it with magic marker or something.

After we got to see all the newbies in the MTC there right by the temple. There's only 4 americans and like 50 Latins in the next group of missionaries! They're sending a bunch of kids from mexico over there to here and a bunch of dominicans to over there. Before in the mission its been pretty much dominicans and americans who serve here. We have two kids in our ward that are leaving for there missions next month. José is going to Equador and Requiel is going to Bolivia. Jose and Requiel are sweet, there the ward missionaries here so they are always going out and visiting people with us. We get so much help from the members here!

Weve been visiting people alot with a member named Roberto. Hes from Haiti and moved here about 6 years ago. Hes like 6 foot 8 he barley fits in his house thats about 1/3 the size of my room! Its a little metal shack, hes got a little wooden door with a 2 by 4 kitchen with a stove and barrel of water in it, and then around the corner his bed that barley fits in the room. Hes got a way legit speaker system tho! hah and he got a little gato that chases all the mice out. But just to see how some people live here and how many things are not needed in life is always so humbling. It just always amazes me how simple of lives they have. But Robertos the chillest/ happiest dude and always up to help us whenever.

The past week we visited a few inactive people that havent been to church for years and this sunday they came! It was so sweet to see. All the members were asking what we did different because they always pass by and visit them. hah Im really loving this new area alot! The first few weeks were hard because we didnt know anyone, but now we have times almost every hour of everyday this week to meet with members.

Right now were visiting a way cool lady named Felicia. One really hot day about a month ago me and elder pritchett were walking up a steap part of a road and of course sweating our guts out and she saw us and was like hey! come sit and drink some water, So we got talking to her and shes from Venezuela and she used to be talking to the missionaries in Venezuela, she comes here for 6 months and then lives there for 6 months, wait did i already tell you guys about her? oh well hah But weve been teaching her for a while and she has alot of intrest and reads everything we give her. The only problem is she goes to another city and helps her sick dad every weekend. We have a baptismal date with her but it might not happen casue she needs to go to church! She leaves for Venezuela again at the end of may so we'll see if we can help her out before then! hah

We've been super busy this past week! so many things are going on and we've visited so many people I cant even think some times my mind is so full! Its such a blast tho, no other time in my life am i going to be knockin on some doors that almost fall in when i knock on them, walking in some tiny houses, and getting to know the coolest people. AND THEN to see the gospel change their life right around in the best ways and see how happy they are after! Its such a blessing that cant even be explained!

thanks again for all your support and love family and friends!

love yall! Elder Cowley

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