March 5, 2012

Los Llanos + 2 New Photos


Hey family! Sounds like things are going good. For us here it was a little slower week. We didnt have any meetings this week or any confrences to go to. So we were just here all week. Except for thursdays we have our district meetings in San Pedro. Of course on the way there, in a small bus they packed 24 people in the bus hah it was way hot, the ladies in the front shut all the air conditioning things too casue they were cold so that didnt help hah. After district meeting we had some things we had to do in San Pedro so we barly made it to the bus stop on time for the last bus. But when we got there, there wasnt a bus and there was about 40 people waiting for the bus.They actually had to bring two buses casue there was so many people. But the funniest thing happened, when the two busses pulled up to the bus stop all the people sitting waiting all stood up and started running to the buses. Everyone was fighting to get a spot in the bus so they didnt get left behind. It caught us off guard and we didnt know what was going on, so we just ran too and jumped in the bus real fast and got a spot. Ive never seen so many grown up people run and fight like kids for a spot on a bus in my life hah it was pretty funny.

Hey so Elder and sister Eickbush, the senor missionaries that come to our ward. Their family came to visit them and they live in utah and they said when they were flying out friday that it started to snow! So is there snow finnally? they got to come here to los llanos for church yesterday. I got to teach primary again hah There was only 3 kids this time so it wasnt bad. Usually theres a bunch and theyre jumping off the walls. We talked about how to pray and faith. We have a little book of bible and BOM storys with pictures that they read. hah one of the little girls couldnt read but she told me that she could so when it was her turn to read she would just look at the picture and pretend to read and make up what she thought was happening haha it was so funny. translated she would say, ¨mr. jesus telling people how to be nice to there family.¨ she said that on about every picture. hah So next week President Marios (the branch president) is not gonna be here! Me and my comp are incharge of everything in church next week! hah We have to conduct and go find people to talk this week. Wish us luck!

So last tuesday we had a Dominos night! It was a huge success! We started with a prayer and spiritual thought and then it was game on! Of course me and my comp got destroyed. Almost every dominican is amazing at dominios. i didnt even think there was strategy in that game, but you have to count and figure out what everyone else has. its crazy hard! We had 4 tables going and on each table theres 4 people playing on teams 2 on 2. When they put down there domino tile they slam it down way hard for some reason. so everyone in town can hear when someones playing dominios so for that everyone came to the church to play. There was about 40 to 50 people that passed by to play.

With our investigators, we have a friend named Alexander. Hes 20 years old and is a way cool kid. He knows alot of english, he learned all of it from the missionaries teaching the english classes too. Hes always at the english class learnin. Weve tryed to pass by his house and talk gospel with him but he doesnt want to, he just wants to talk english. So we sit and help him with english for a while then we always just tell him hes invited to church when we leave, not expecting much. But yesterday HE came!! We were so pumped! He used to talk with the missionaries before and he almost got baptized but then something happened. Weve been praying for him that he would come and start to have interest again. Were gonna go pass by his house tonight to see whats up. As far as everyone else were teaching, they are lame and either keep cancelling on us or need to get married! hah

Yes we do eat the coconuts from our trees! theyre way good! No the fridge is still broken, weve stopped worrying about it, I really miss milk tho... Yes I have a journal, im not really good at consistently writing in it but i try. Yes me and Elder Cowley are good friends. Hes somewhere in the capital so i dont see him much. My comp now Elder Harker is from Logan.

Welp were going to go play some basket ball with Alexander and some members in a bit so we gotta go!

Heres some pics of baseball last week, the people in the bus. theres more people but thats as good as i could take the pic hah

Love you guys!
Elder Cowley

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