February 28, 2012

February 27, 2012- Los Llanos + New Pictures

Hola familia!

Hey familia! whats up? Things are going just groovy here. We yet had another week full of everything! Last monday we went on our hike to the lagoon. It was so sweet! Its a big hidden lake surrounded by trees and a bunch of plants, i guess theres a bunch of fish because there were a bunch of dudes fishing. We hiked around the lake and talked to some fisherman. Of course president mario knew them. Everyone here knows everyone. hah But they let us fish. So there fishing poles were the funniest thing ive ever seen. well im not sure you can call them fishing poles hah they had pretty much any bottle you could find and then they would just wrap the fishing string around it and then swirrle the string around like a cowboy and throw it! hah DOM REP FISHING! hah So we tryed it out and its actually really hard! Those dudes were catching alot of fish too.

Tuesday we had a member make some food for us. Guess.. ricebeanschicken. ¡Claro! Her name's Ramona. Shes has a son named Raymi, hes the coolest kid here. Hes 13 and hes basically a trumpet master. Hes only been playing for 2 years too. Theres a music academy here in los llanos for everyone to learn how to play the trumpet and sax and all the other horn instruments there are. But Raymi is the lead trumpet in the academy band! Way legit. Ramona has a book that has a bunch of way popular dominican artists in it and theres a page about Raymi. One of these Pdays were gonna go to the academy. I wanna learn how to play the sax now.. Kenny G!

So we’ve started cooking our own food now... and wow. i never knew rice was so hard to make! hah We are not good at making it. First time we added to much salt, so it was way too salty! and we made too much beans and we couldnt save them cause our fridge still doesnt work. The next time we made rice we added too much water! so it was like mashed potatoes! hah Im hoping this next time were gonna get it down.

This week we had a bunch of confrences! We havent had that much time working. Friday we had a zone confrence in La Romana. La Romana is about 3 hours from los llanos. We had to be there at 9 too so we had to wake up early. It was a really good confrence tho. President Hernandez and his wife talked and then some senor missionaries talked too. One senor missionary gave a really good talk. Shes from canada and they live in a ski town, its surrounded by mountains and the only way out is a tunnle through a mountain. But she talked about how much she always liked doing thing outdoors and how much she misses that. Her and her family always used to go on hikes in the mountains and she made a really cool metaphor about hiking and how its like this life on earth. Its was really long and detailed so i wont go into it. Way cool tho. The confrence went till about 5 so we didnt get back till 8, we only had an hour that day to work hah. Sunday we had a district confrence with our branch in San Pedro. It was like Stake confrence at home but about 10 times smaller hah Again President Hernandez and his wife talked. And also Elder Anderson from the 70. It was cool to meet him. Hes a cool dude.

Today is independence day in the DR so we went to San Pedro and played baseball with the whole district. It was pretty legit. Everyone was way good. It was a bunch of kids that were pretty much getting signed to big teams real soon. It was intimidating but fun. But we just got back from that and we gotta go work now so i gotta go!

oh yeah so there was a flee market in town last thursday so we went to that and i got some awesome shoes for 25 bucks! I had to bargin them down so i got a way good deal hah so i dont need new shoes anymore!

Thanks! Love ya´ll! Elder MDCowley

Heres some pictures finally! Some are some pictures of our house and our pet horse and coconut tree. Ones of the lagoon with the fisherman and then the two are of me eating the chicken foot and our meal with president.

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