February 21, 2012

Hola Familia,

¡como estan! Things are just dandy here. We finally found a internet place that works in our area. hah The power came a little late today so we have been waiting playing dominos. We play dominos way too much! I think im turning into dominican! Rice, beans chicken, and dominos. and baseball.

The streets are pretty muddy today because its been rainning the past few days here. Saturday when it started raining we didnt have any appointments so we were just out in the street getting soaked but we used it as an advantage because whoever we contact will let us in casue it rainning, so its actually a good way to get in houses and teach people!

The work coming right along, Yesterday we got a reference from a member named Gary. Hes a cool dude, hes from Haiti and he was baptized about 3 years ago. but we went to his house after church to meet a couple of his friends who said that they were interested. So we went and talked to them, there names are Felip and Eleina, they are awesome. Felip is from Haiti. He doesnt speak much spanish yet, he speaks creol, so thats gonna be a trick. Also they actually dont live in los llanos. They live in a pueblo call Cruz. Its a little town about 20 minutes from here. Its a little town that has a legit soccer field. The field is basically half the town hah Theres some little blue houses that surround the field. Everyone that lives there works in the sugar cain fields, and then they all play soccer after they work. Thats where Felip and Eleina live. Since our area los llanos is so far in the middle of the DR, were the only ones out this way so theres alot of little pueblos like Cruz that are techinically in our area cause there arent missionaries there and we're the closest. So were going to talk to our zone leaders to see if we can go out there. Felip and Eleina usually come here to los llanos to visit Gary almost every sunday anyway, so theyre going to start coming earlier so they can come to church with him and visit with us after. They should be a way cool family to work with.

When we were visiting with Presidente Mario the other day he showed us to one of his friends, Hes name is Aldrich. Hes from Haiti also hah but he knows alot of english and he plays guitar! So were totally gonna go back and visit him soon! hah

Theres alot thats going on here in los llanos. President Mario and the members are soooo much help, Im not sure what we would do with out them. President visits with us almost every other day! Welp i gotta go, were gonna go on a hike with president right now!

Its sounds like you guys are having fun in St george! the dogs pulling you guys around on the chair, i can see it right now hah Thats crazy david leaves for phillipeans! hah i wonder if its like the DR there? Tell grandma that ill come swim out to the cruise boat hah

You guys are all in my prayers everyday!

Love you guys!! Elder Cowley

So i got to the internet center hooked up my camera and my memory card wasnt in it, so next week ill send the pictures!

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