February 15, 2012

February 14, 2012- Los Llanos

Hola familia!

FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS MOM!! and happy valentines day! Hope it all went well! Im not sure how big valentines day is here, weve seen some valentines things in the stores so im pretty sure its a legit holiday here. They do like to make excuss to get days off work so they can party here hah Its been a rainy day here in Los Lanos. All the dirt roads are super muddy. I think im about a inch taller casue all the mud stuck on my shoes. We went to the local colmador (food restuarant thing) named Kairo´s, weve been going there every day to eat casue we haven't had water to cook and wash our dishes hah But now we have water and our tinaco is full so we should have water for a good while now. We were suppose to go to a lagoon and have lunch with president mario today too but then it rainned, all dominicans are pretty much scared of rain. I think were gonna go to the lagoon next week tho.

Yesterday church was good, me and elder harker gave talks. I had to talk on Diezmo (tithing) and he had to talk on Castidad.. im sure you can figure that one out hah It went great. After that i helped out in primary again while my comp taught the deacons hah i got the easy job. We pretty much have to help out with everything every sunday because theres just not enough teachers. Well there is teachers but theyre just to lazy to come sometimes hah After church president came over to our house and we cooked a huge awesome lunch. Yes, Rice beans and chicken. but! I was different. We had guandules for beans. There kinda of like peas and beans mixed, I'm not sure.. there good tho It was so much food. i think im still full hah Oh yeah guess what i tryed.. a chicken foot! hah it was nasty! Everyone loves them here, and i have no clue why. It was all crunchy and full of bones... eww. After we ate we played dominos. Dominicans are obsessed with dominos! They have there own way to play and its actually pretty fun. Ofcourse president killed us at it.

The work is coming along just great. We have a little friend named Davi, Hes a shoe shiner. He always passes by our house and shines our shoes for some money so he can go play video games hah We invited him to church not thinking anything of it and he came! He loved it too. He went in the class with all the deacons. The lesson was on the importance of being a deacon so i think he was a little confused hah Were gonna start visiting him pretty soon. Theres not that many people in church each week, but the members here are so awesome. Theres a member named lurden, she helps us out alot. She's the releif society president, just like you mom! hah Shes been a member for almost a year, so shes getting ready to go to the temple soon. Los Llanos is such an awesome little place. The church is growing so fast here.

Love you guys! I hope you all have a great holiday!

Elder Cowley

Heres a picture of our house, the computer stopped working so i couldnt load more so ill send more next week.

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