February 7, 2012

February 7, 2012 Email- Los LLanos

Hola familia,

Things are going just great out here! The first week of a transfers is always good to get out of the way hah My comps cool, We know about the same amound of spanish. I deffinetly have to take the role of senor comp tho! Weve been doing alot of contacts and finding new people to teach and its been going really good. I pretty much do all the teaching for right now cause my comps still learning. Its really wierd to be comfortable teaching the lessons in spanish casue i still feel like i dont know that much! Just this past week my spanish has improved alot. Now that im the oldest im pretty much forced to know everything that they are saying so now i can do it hah Its a blast tho The people out here in the country are most accepting than the people in the city. but also the people here are more lazy hah Its a little hard to get them to come to church every week but they have plenty of time to sit at talk.

So weve been super busy with the house this past week. We havent had running water.. well we still dont have running water. I guess its hard for water to get up to where we are cause were higher than alot of other towns. We helped install a bomba in our house, its pretty much a water pump so we can get the water to the house from the water system. Our branch president President Mario helped us hook it up casue it was a little confusing for us hah We also had to buy and install a tinaco. A tinaco is a big water tank that goes on top of the house so theres water pressure throughout the house and so we can have water when theres no power. The pump fills up the tank with water than we live off that water. We have light from 7 to 12 in the morning then it comes back at 7 to 12 in the night. because of that im writing today casue there wasnt power yesterday hah but Its kinda a bummer casue the few hours were in the house for lunch and study we dont have light. Also our fridge is broken, i bought a bunch of cereal just to find out that the fridge cant keep the milk cold.. :( hah i had peanut butter in the fridge and some how bugs found there way in the fridge and into my peanut butter haha Its alright tho.

We have a bunch of chicken that run around in our back yard and our nieghbor put his horse in our backyard for some reason too haha The house is sweet, it just feels like were on a really long camping trip. We live in an awesome nieghborhood, we went around and talked to our neighbors, we are going to start teaching some of them actually, so its really convinient hah we have a colmado(yes a colmado is a little market) across the street from us too.

Los Llanos is an awesome place, it just has taken a little adjusting but everything is going great so far! We had about 15 people in church last week hah So were gonna set up a hometeaching program for the members to go visit the inactives. We have an activity that we just found out about tonight and were going to start teaching english class! It should be funny! hah

Tell grandpa happy birthday! and i got the package you guys sent, thanks so much!! and tell grandma and grandpa thanks for the sweet tie! And wow daisy.. hah please dont put her to sleep!! Hope all is well! love you guys!

Elder Cowley

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