March 12, 2012

Hey familia!

Hey were at the only internet center that has conection right now and the lady who owns it is teaching a class in 5 minutes so we might be able to write more at one of the other internet centers if conection comes back hah But if not a quick review! im going to the Capital. and im TRAINING!!!! ahh and white washing! which means were both new in the area. So im new in the area and my comps just fresh out the of mtc hah So wish me luck, im fully im charge now! im going to the zone called Los Restauradores and the area Savana Perdida 2. Its a area that they just newly split in the two areas, so its gonna be a big ward with 4 missionaries in this one ward. I go to the training meeting tommorow morning and get my comp. Wish me luck. its gonna be a hard week! If we find a internet center that has conection before our pdays over ill write more!

love you guys! Elder Cowley

mom, So you sent the package? dang. theres a few more things i want hah
Im gonna need new shoes soon. so maybe ill find some echos i like on the internet and send you a picture. also i need some more nightquil cold medicen. and we have a new rule that we cant have ipods so we have to send them in to the office till we end our mission. so could you send me a cd player too? perferably a nicer one that will last hah battery powered is fine. It would be cool if they have ones that can charge. and i want some more mashed potato things. and a few more cds. I want one of kalai´s cds. he has one with church songs its way cool. and then i want a josh grabban cd hah i never thought i would be wanting a josh grobban cd but if you could i want the cd with the song called. remember when it rained. sorry thats kind of alot hah but i dont have any music right now. hah

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