December 12, 2011


Yep its as hot as could be just as always here. Two year long summer! i think i forgot what its like to feel cold... hah i miss it. Thats good to hear that it hasn't really snowed yet. Dont bother telling me when it does, it'll only make me cry hah

Yes were busy as always, we now have 3 baptisms this saturday! hah It never stops! 3 dudes in Quisqueya. Sabastian, Juan Carlos, and Angel Miguel. They’re such cool dudes.

Sabastian is probably my favorite out of them, I think the missionaries contacted his family about 8 or more months ago and have tryed to teach them but the parents are hard to get a hold of cause they work till way late at night. So they only had a few visits in with the family, and in that time they taught the family how to find an answer if the church was true. And so Sabastian took it to the test and prayed to Heavenly Father for an answer if the church is true. And he got an answer that he couldnt deny. so ever since hes been going to church every week. No one else in his family goes, so he just chugs alot by him self, this kids 11 years old too! hah Hes been going to church for a long time now cause he loves it so much. Hes always been wanting to get baptized and usually we wait to teach the whole family so we can baptize them all at once, but his families too hard to get a hold of. So we went over all the things he needs to know and now he finally can get baptized! Eventually we want to work with his parents, but Quisqueya needs full time missionaries for that to happen. We're just not there long enough at night cause we have to catch the Guagua (thats what they call bus here) at 7.

Juan Carlos is Claudias other kid that didnt get baptized yet cause he was never home when we taught Claudia, But he came to church with her and loved it. Hes about 11 years old too i think. Theres like 10 muchachos in the young mens age at Quisqueya branch, so he loved it there hanging out with all the other kids. They all went around with one of the senor missionaries and visited inactive members and he had alot of fun, so hes way pumped to be in the church.

Angel Miguel is the son of Hermano Jabalera, one of the counsolers in the branch, and i guess he went inactive for a while so Angel Miguel never had the chance to get baptized when he was 8 so now we help out. Angel miguels a sweet little dude. Hes the youngest in his family, he has 1 older brother and 4 older sisters. Their mom is rediculas, all their names are Angelica, Angeli, Angela, Angelo, Angelina, and then Angel Miguel. hah IT sucked memorizing all their names!! haha But anyway it should be a sweet baptism. We got all them interviewed and ready. It was easy to get them all together too cause saturday night they were all practicing at Hermana Millers house for the primary program they had. hah i was bummed we didnt get to see it, cause we were in Los Llanos church yesterday.

We still havent interviewed Ysaura! She was supposed to get baptized with Claudia last week but we never got a interview in, and so we delayed it to this next saturday and we still didnt have time to interview her. pretty lame.

Im glad it worked out with these 3 dudes tho, its should be a good memory for them. So wish me luck on this next weekend. We have a activity in Quisqueya friday night and then the baptisms saturday and then another activity saturday night! and then possibly next monday me or my companion will be leaving this area cause its transfers.

Im pretty nervous cause i dont want to have to show a missionary around these 3 areas! i dont even know them that good haha ohh well, i know the Lord will help with whatever i cant do. Thats one awesome thing, how the Lord answered my prayers. Before i came into the field, i prayed for comfort everyday when i got in the field and i’m here to find out that even in this crazy sketchy place im ok. I go about everyday with comfort and no worries and trust in the Lord that everything’s gonna be ok!

Love you all! Elder Cowley

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