December 20, 2011

December 19, 2011

Feliz Navidad!

Wow that was a stressful weekend. Everything went great though! The christmas activity friday in consuelo started late of course so we didnt get to stay cause we had to catch the bus at 8 so that was a bummer. President Montero sent us with some food tho so that was nice.

The next day we woke up and headed to Los Llanos to go to a few lessons we had in the morning and then ate at the comedor and then headed to Quisqueya for the baptism. We just did that baptism at the church in the font rather than at the canyon this time cause the canyon was such a big deal hah but When we got there in was about 1 30 and the baptism was at 2 and the font wasnt filled! so we were like ahh great not again hah but turned out that president Mathews had a truck coming that had a huge tinaco full of water to fill the font. hah so that was relefing. It had a huge hose like a fire truck and we put it in the font and it filled it up in no time. So we were only a half hour late, which is on time for Dominicans. Angel Miguel picked me to baptize him and my comp baptized the two others. We usually like to get someof the members to baptize our investigators but theyre wasnt any other priesthood there really. like i said last week, Quisqueya is pretty much only kids and single moms and a few guys who are always out of town for work. so we just did it. But it went really good, The water was freezing and really low, so we had to rebaptize them a few times but it all worked out hah

right after the baptism we had the activity! Things never slow down! hah We sang a bunch of songs and ate some way good food, and some kids did some little dance things and we just got to hangout for a bit. I was nice to relax for a sec. We were really happy that it all went well cause those branches are so small theres not always alot of people, but suprizingly there was alot! Way cool.

Yesterday we got the call from president from president about the transfers. My comp is leaving and hes gonna be a zone leader in La Romana, and im staying over the 3 areas. yeah.... im gonna die.. my new comp should be cool. He just trained one of the kids in my group from the mtc so he should be cool. But i have to show him around the areas and take him around to all the members to meet them and what not, so it should be a crazy week.

Some kids in my group from the mtc are training!!!! Weve been out for 2 transfers! Usually missionaries dont train untill after theyve been out for atleast a year and they atleast know spanish! hah Its crazy, with this new program thing theyre having newly trained missionaries train. Theyve never done that before. Im just glad im not training while over these 3 areas.

Today we had our Christmas activity with all the missionaries of the mission. We have food and every zone sang a song and there was a talent show. It was way sweet. Way cool to be there with all 160+ missionaries of the east mission. Tomorrow i get my new comp so wish me luck!

Yes quisqueya pretty much has more of a primary PV2 does, its crazy! hahah ryley has stage fright! what a little poop. I was thinking of our ward christmas activity when i was at the one here. way fun.

Also to dads question we havent had alot of time to do service activities but we will hopefully plan some soon. We always ask if our investigators need help with anything before every lessons and they never accept tho! lame.

hah i didnt know dad didnt even get to call his whole mission. thats funny. ohh So we found out today that we can Skype!!! im not sure how exactly tho. It should be sweet if we can figure it out. If not you can just call. I cant wait to open my Chirstmas presents! hah

Love you all! Elder Cowley

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