December 27, 2011

December 26th, 2011

Hola familia,

Its only been a day since we talked, it was awesome to talk to all you guys and hear your voices. Its fun to hear how everyones doing and actually talk to them, and to see whats going on. It made me a little homesick but not too bad, i just like to think that everything is just on pause till i get back hah

Things are still crazy as ever here, Im still in the 3 areas but i got a new comp. His names Elder Lesueur. Hes from Mesa Arizona. Hes tight... he doesnt like to talk as much as my last comp Elder Anderson so i have to talk alot more this time around. So its deffinetly streching my spanish hah Its good tho, I guess i know more then i think, i can pretty much say anything as far as teaching now. My problem is understanding people more than anything. I have to completely focus to understand and even still i dont understand everything. hah with Elder Anderson, it was alot easier cause when i didnt understand what people were saying i would just follow his facial expressions so it looked like i knew what was going on.hah

Christmas here was pretty epic, We opened presents when we got up then we had to get to church in Quisqueya at 10, It was only about 40 minutes long cause not alot of people were there. I felt pretty cool cause i got to sit up in the front with Elder Yturralde cause there wasnt any other preistood there hah After church we went up to a members Fefas to eat. Of course you can guess what we ate. Arroz, habichuela, y pollo. It was way good, we ate alot too. then we visited a few more members and ate more and more ate every members house. i felt like i was gonna explode. Then we got home and i got to talk to the family on the phone! I sounded like you had a great christmas aswell.

Skype didnt work out cause if we were gonna do it on sunday we needed to do it at the chaple but ours didnt have a computer so we couldnt.

Yes P90X is kicking my butt, ecspecialy after a whole day of walking, but its fun. i hope all goes well this next week, im always praying for all you.

Elder Cowley

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