December 6, 2011


Everything’s going just swell here. hah The baptism was awesome. it worked our perfect. We didn’t get around to interviewing Ysaura but she´ll be ready in 2 weeks for the next one.

Saturday got to Quisqueya just before lunch time so we could talk to Claudia and her daughter Yoeli about the baptism and what to take and stuff. We also had to finish thenfo sheet for the baptism. while we were doing that clauda' little boy was watching bob esponja!(SpongeBob!) hah It’s so weird in spanish, spongebob sounds like a tard hah It was funny tho cause on the same channel right after spongebob, WWE Wrestling came on hah I guess nickalodian has WWE now? People like WWE here hah it’s so dumb. ohh and they also like Novelas soap operas) a lot, like almost everyone watches them. For being such a happy people they really like drama hah

But anyway after we got all the info down, we left and went to a comedor to eat. Which is just rice beans and chicken that’s all they ever have. But this time they didnt have their fried chicken, and we were in a hurry so we only got rice and beans. pretty lame.
We met everyone for the baptism at a member’s house then headed to the canyon. It’s about a 45 minute walk to get to the river. We had a few members almost pass out hah but everything’s was fine. To get down to the river you go through all these tall jungle looking trees, it was way sweet. The two senor missionaries Elder and Sister Yturralde took a few people and they went a different way and drove their car as far down as they could. We started to service, sang a song and some members spoke a little bit then we went ahead with the baptism. My comp Elder Anderson got to do the baptizing and everything went perfect, the water was deep enough that they actually went under the first time hah After everything, Elder Yturralde asked us to go up to his car and get the cake for everyone. So we ran up the trail thinking we knew where we were going... turns out we went the wrong way. hah so we ran forEVER! all the way to the road, which is like a 45 minute walk but we ran there in like 10 minutes. in the death hot sun. oh ps we were fasting too, so that didnt help. hah So we ran all the way back and they were like where have you been! the cars just over there hah it was just about a 5 minute walk the other way down the path.. So lame hah I had a feeling that was gonna happen when we ran all the way to the road. But Everything turned out fine, everyone just had to wait a while for us.

Yesterday in Church Claudia bore her testimony, she was the first one and it was only her 4th time at church hah It was way solid, she’s definitely gonna be a stong member and gonna help out that branch big time. There was a bunch of little muchachos at chruch too and turns out some of them have been going to church for months and still arent baptized so they kept asking us, when are we getting baptized?! So were gonna have a few more baptisms in quisqueya again in two weeks.

Things just started picking up like crazy and we dont have time to visit everyone! We keep getting awesome references from members and we already have a bunch of investigators hah its way too much to handle to be over 3 areas haha But i love it. Weeks are flying by too fast cause we have so much to do everyday.

I hope everythings going good with everyone! Thats rediculous that davids farewell is already coming up! does he leave the wednesday after?? wow thats wild, hutches is coming up soon too. I heard about to crazy wind, Sister Yturrale was telling about it. Im glad nothing too bad happened.

Love everyone! Elder Cowley

Ps. Wait on the package with toys and stuff. cause im not sure if i told you yet but i have to pay 2 dollars a pound for packages hah but i would like a package with some of those mashed potatoe packets and other convinient foods and maybe some deodorent cause im almost out. Just try and make the package not too heavy hah ill let you know about the toys and stuff later. THANKS mom love you!

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