November 30, 2011


yup, mom, i got mugged and there was a hurricane thats why i couldnt write back on monday.. no, it was actually a temple week. hah i forgot to tell you guys about it last week. We get to go to the temple every few months and they switch our pday to wednesday. we had to get up really early to get to the capital and then walk to the temple and we just barley got back and we still have to clean our house. Our house is pretty nasty right now hah We got two new zone leaders that we live with now and they dont like to clean up after themselves. so were always doing there dishes and stuff, quite lame. but yeah they smash a temple day and our pday together so i dont have that much time to write today so it might be a short one hah

But things are going great! We’re set for 3 bapti"S"ms this saturday!!! woooo and were doing it in a river canyon! Claudia and her little daughter are ready and set to go. and then we’ve been teaching a girl named Ysauda. she’s friends with the presidents daughter in Quisqueya and they’ve been going to institute together so she knew alot right of the bat. she just had to go to church a few times and we had to go over all the lessons and now all she needs is a interview this friday.

The investigators have to get interviewed before there baptism to see if there ready, pretty much everyone passes, its way easy interview hah so im sure she will pass so we can do the baptism! its gonna be so sweet!! Some members took us down there last night, its crazy. Its clear our in the campo of Quisqueya. Theres just huge fields and like 3 houses our there. It was about a 20 minute walk. There is huge tarantulas though! one ran across my foot when we were walking out there hah it was sooo big like 3 times bigger than the one we caught at lake powell hah I guess its a really sketchy place clear out in the campo at night, especially for missionaries cause crazy people will hide in the bushes and jump out and mug you... hah yeah pretty intense so we had to go with some members

But anyway hah were doing the baptism at 2 in the afternoon so it wont be as sketchy but its gonna be way to hot for the people to walk clear out there so were trying to get car rides set up for people, kinda a mess hah but it should all be fine! ill be sure to take some pictures!

ohh Guess what we had a pretty legit thanksgiving! hah we had steak with mashed potates with corn and biscuts and cheesecake!! hah yeah we made it all ourselves, its was so good hah

Sounds like you guys had an alright thanksgiving hah probably not as sweet as ours. hah I can only imagine how bored jake must of been last weekend haha thats good he liked helping dad with the truck tho

"Holas" haylee, loves you too!

hah christy sent me some pictures and one of charley all wrapped up in a huge coat hah he looks way funny!

Good to hear Grandmas and Grandpas are doing good! Grandma C wrote me, i keep meaning to write back we just are always in a hurry. Tell dad to get feeling better! When ever i feel sick, we just go out and work anyway and some how it all goes away. Its awesome how when you serve the lord, no matter how sick, you’ll always end up feeling better. Freak, our branch president in Consuelo had kidney stones and he was still at church! hah craziness.

Love you all much! Elder Cowley

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