November 21, 2011

Hola fam,

FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS to Angie! what! an ipad? for real? hah so theres a rumor going around in the our mission that they are working to eventually give every missionary an ipad to have for the mission haha how sweet would that be!! Doubt its really gonna happen. So many missionaries would get mugged hah but anyway Hope all is well!

All is well here of course hah We sure do keep busy because every week gets faster and faster! This week has been a way good week, we finally didn't have any more meetings so we got to work a lot, we've been working in los llanos more this last week cause its getting slow there now. its funny, our 3 areas go through waves. One week consuelo and Quisqueya will be doing awesome and then los llanos will be slowing down, and then the next los llanos and quisqueya are doing good and then consuelo will slow down. Its so hard to keep track of everything in all the areas hah Im really hoping after this next transfer i don't get a new comp with all the areas myself, i may die.. they have mostly only had the really really good missionaries here over the 3 areas cause its hard to handle hah but oh well thats not for a few more weeks. transfers are every 6 weeks and so im now in my 2nd with my trainer still, but after this transfer im gonna have a new comp but well see.

Clauria is all ready for her baptism but were delaying it a week cause the president of the quisqueya branch wont be here saturday, but thats actually a good thing cause were started to teach her kids now too so now they can all get baptized together, she has 3 kids, her daughter is 13 and she has two sons ones like 9 and ones 6. so that should be sweet. they all should be ready for not this saturday but the next! When we were over there last saturday her son thats 6 had a little car toy he made, he made it out of a oil can, and bottle caps. it was so cool. they kids have to be so creative here cause they don't have much to play with. A lot of kids play hacky sack in the streets and they all make there own out of whatever they can find, usually like a sock and beans or something in it. their pretty legit actually hah Were still working with giullermo and his family, and junior and his family, we've taught them both and there families pretty much everything, they just need to get married!

Today we had another big get together our zone and the zone from la Romana and we played basketball, fútbal and volleyball hah it was fun, this place is just way too hot to play sports though hah Yes by capital i mean Santo Domingo, its about an hour away from where we live. and our activities with our members and investigators and usually just a movie night of like the testaments or the restoration movie. but were yet to have a successful activity hah they keep not working out. and President Hernandez is our mission president. He's a way cool dude. even though the numbers have dropped since he's been president he's focusing more a true conversion then numbers.

Its always rainy season here hah its pretty much only hurricane season or not hurricane season here hah I hope everything keeps going well for everyone. Ahhh thanksgivings this week :( im not sure its gonna be the same here... probably just a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.. hahah

Love you! Elder Cowley

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