November 14, 2011

November 14, 2011

Hola hola!

This last weekend has been wayyy too busy! im kinda glad to have it over with hah we had our district meeting thursday then we had a meeting friday morning in the capital and then 2 baptisms and an activity that night in consuelo and then sunday we talked in church! hah it was way too much to do but it went fast as usual. The baptisms went wayy good! We did the baptisms in San Pedro where we live, because Fernando is from los llanos and Manuel is from consuelo so it was wild trying to organize that. and then saturday morning we found out there were no baptismal clothes in the chapel here, so we were running around trying to find the clothes. Luckily a member had them all so that worked out. So we started the baptism when everyone got there. it was a bummer though cause the font wasnt filling up as fast as it should of so it was only knee high hah so it was hard to get them under all the way. It was my comp baptizing them so i didnt have to worry about that hah but it all worked out in the end and it was solid.

Sunday we went to church in Quisqueya. When we got there of course the president wasnt there so we were locked out for a while hah and then when we finally got in, the sunday school teacher wasnt there so my comp had to teach the class. while he taught, i was with the primary kids and they had me say a few things about my mission and share my testimony about it. Their theme for the day was missionaries so they were singing all the missionary songs. it reminded me of being in primary singing "i hope they call me on a mission". it made it weird to think wait.. i am on my mission hah After, we talked in sacrement meeting about tithing. At our meeting on friday, president hernandez showed us stats and i guess only 12% of members pay there tithing hah so i figured thats why we were talking about that. It went pretty good, i hope..

Anyway, we have another awesome investigator named clauria. She was at church yesterday, weve only visited her three times and yesterday we

asked if she wanted to be baptised and a funny thing they always say here is, ¡Claro! means of course! hah so thats what she said and she was way excited about it. So if things work out she should be set for the 26th!

Things are going way to good with the work right now its rediculous! We had 3 days in a row with out a single lesson dropped. Its funny, when things start going good time starts flying by! kinda odd how it works like that.

Everything else is going great. Of course it rained just barley, it seems every Pday it rains. Thats awesome to hear Haylee has started the B.O.M.! sheeesh thats crazy, i wish i would have started reading it back then! haha

I got angies letter too, its awesome hah i love the picture with haylee and ryley holding charley. hah I always laugh when i think of the funny things ryley would always say. pantakes. Thats lame Real lost..

Awesome andrews going back out! im way happy he is able to.

Hope everythings going good! Loves too all! Elder Cowley

Heres some pics of the baptism...

and a picture for ryley of the spider that was in the baptismal font hah

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