November 8, 2011

November 7, 2011


Dont even say the word SNOW! ahhhhh im dying inside. And to know that i wont see it for another christmas hah Welp its still hotter than a mircowave here.Atleast it hasnt rainned for a few days now. Hey ive finished my first transfer! i still am companions with elder Anderson cause thats how they do training. This morning our Zone leader that we lived with elder Dieker finished. He was way werided out to be leaving. It was funny though.

This last week has been awesome, we have 2 baptisms this week end! One guy his name is Fernando hes awesome, our first visit with him we asked what you want out of our visits and he said he wants to get baptized haha hes been going to church for a while already so he was way ready. On friday we needed to interview him but he would answer his phone so we were flippin out cause we didnt want to delay his baptizm any longer. cause they need to be interviewed a week before the baptizm. So we decided to go to his house anyway and hope he was there. so we ran to the bus stop cause it was rainning soooo hard, we were completely soaked. When we got on the bus, they said it was delayed for a bit casue of the rain. me and my comp were talking about how cool it would be if fernando just showed up on the bus. casue he was in san pedro too but we werent sure when he was gonna be home. and right after we said that we heard a knock on the bus window and sure enough it was him! hah me and my comp just looked at each other like nooo wayy! haha it was awesome. So we were able to interview him and so hes set to get baptized this saturday.

Our other is a little kid named Manuel. His mom just forgot to get him baptized when he was 8 casue she was inactive for a bit. but hes only 9 so we had to teach him a few simple things and then he was set as well.

Our investigator Junior had a cool expirience last week. Last sunday he wanted to go to church but he needed to get money from his other house so he could buy food for his family that night, So he couldnt decide what to do, casue if he went to get money he wouldnt be able to go to church. but he knew church was important. So decide to head to chruch. On his way he ran into a friend and got talking and his friend said hed run to his house to get the money so junior could go to church. Junior went to church and had a great time he said, but when he got home he asked his wife if his friend had brought the money by and she said no. and not even 3 seconds went by he said and his friend walked up to there door with the money. hah he said he was scared out of his mind how weird that was. But he was happy to know that when he does that right thing like go to church he was blessed with help, so he could go to church and be able to have money for food for his family.

We found Junior through Giermo, theyre buds. they both had awesome expiriences hah so yesterday we got to go to consuelo for church and sure enough Giermo came with his whole family and then a few minutes later junior came. It was fast sunday so a few member bore there testimonies and then junior asked us if he could share his expirience and so he went up and shared his expirience with everyone! It was his first testimony meeting and he went up and bore his testimony! hah it was awesome. All the member were way pumped that we found such cool families.

We helped out in primary and we were talking about how manuel was getting baptized. and so giermos son that was there raised his hand and was like ¨hey im gonna get baptized too¨ haha it was the funniest thing. Hes the one that reads the bible and answers all our questions. We told him his parents need to get baptized with him too. so hopefully he will help push his parents to get married so they can get baptized hah The people here and so awesome. I think Consuelo is my favorite our of our 3 areas, all the members are awesome.

Sounds like everything is going good at home. Wow haylees grown up so much, shes finally not scared of the dinosaur! ! haha pshhh. Thats awesome shes got her part memerized waahoo! Holy REAL, thats awesome theyre killin it! ahh thats gonna be an epic game, let me know the score of the final! Elder Dieker had this awesome plane tie with a bunch of old planes on it. I wanted to steal it and send it to grandpa baron hah yes we still eat rice and beans ALOT. and ya we have a misson card with our food spending money on it.

Tell everyone hi and that i love them! Elder Cowley
ps check out what we name our jackolanterns our of..
and heres a view from our roof.


  1. LOVE the carved pineapples!!! So creative!

  2. That is sooo cool! I love hearing how well he is doing! I can't believe our brothers are so grown up. Thanks for sharing!