October 31, 2011

Happy Halloweens!,

Holy fetch! it couldnt be rainning more right now. Its the craziest down pore right now. the thunder is so loud is setting off every car alarm in town. the streets are always flooded like crazy so its hard to get around without stepping in huge puddles. Im soking wet right now too, i hope i dont break this keyboard hah its funny cause everyone is wusses here afraid of the rain so were always the only ones on the street when it rains and everyone just stands in all the stores along the street and yell at us dont get wet!

This Pday has been pretty chill, weve just been relaxing. We went and worked out on the roof of our place it was legit! i ment to take a picture of the view up there but i forgot. its sweet cause our apartment building is taller than all the houses around us so you can see alot!

The language is coming pretty good but right when i get confedent, someone will speak to me really fast and in there sloppy accent here and i wont catch a word haha its kinda fun though, i kinda make it a game and just guess what there saying. it actually works most the time! hah We are teaching a kid named esmailyn(or smiling) we thought he was just some punk but he actually has a wife and a kid, and a house and hes a teacher. hes only 22 too. He speaks pretty good english so he was telling me the only way to learn the language is just to always speak it. so he wanted me to teach the whole lesson without help from my comp hah so i did.. well i tryed. after a while of talking with him he just opened up out of nowhere and was telling us he prays every night and that he wants to strive to be like christ but he doesnt exactly know how.. so me and my comp were like what the heck, how perfect is this kid haha deffinetly golden! It was one of the last things we thought would come from his mouth.

We're still teaching Giermo and his family, there not married so they cant get baptized yet, so we had to push there date back. Thats one really hard this here is, trying to get people motivated enough to get married. everyone here lives in ¨free union¨ pretty gay if you ask me. casue there is so many single mothers becasue of it. Most of the moms here are troopers, they have to raise there 10 to 50 kids they have by themself hah But anyway were watching the testiments in consuelo tonight for the activity this week. yeah that starts in 30 minutes and we still need to go shop... hah i feel bad i cant write everyone back! ill hopfully have more time next week. I couldnt be happier right now tho. its the coolest expirience just coming t0 a crazy place like this and being a part of it. im totally gonna have a house here when im older hah We live right next to a huge baseball stadium so the lights always light up our house. we are trying to work out a way to go to a game but its during our working hours, but we´ll see.

Holycow, tell christy thanks for the blog Its way legit. my comps jealous hah Yes were gonna try and find pumpkins, me and my comp switched our name tags for the day for our halloween costumes hah they dont even celebrate it the same day here. all they do to celebrate holidays is drink and party hah they dont trick or treat. Heres a pic of a cockroach for halloween!! Loves too all!!

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