October 24, 2011

I added the s the hola casue thats what people do here. they take off and add s´s where ever they want. thats the last one i heard hah THese week are flying by! It feels like i just got here and im gonna have a month in the field this miercoles(wed) hah that doesnt seen right at all. Days go by way to fast, We dont have enough time! Welp i buzzed my hair again. i look like a tard again but i couldnt care less right now hah its funny casue everyone here all has the exacty same hair. Its curly and fluffs into a fro. so people always think my hair is werid. some kids thought i was an actor from some tv show, pretty dumb, but we got a contact out of it hah

Today we got to go play baseball! we got our whole zone together so we had full teams. it took a sec to get in the swing of baseball again but after a while i started killin it, baseball is too easy... hah there was a bunch of kids watching and this way old guy that was watching wanted to play so we let him be on our team, he stepped up to bat and blasted the ball into the outfield, he could barley even run too hah

Frank let us down this past week, he came to church last week and was lovin it and then the next day i think his friends got talking to him casue he doesnt want us to come over anymore, kinda depressing.. but Last week when we were doing our weekly planning my comp elder anderson was thinking he wanted to drop a family we have taught a few times, but i had this feeling that we should teach them atleast one more time. so we did, and that lesson was one of the best ones we had. they were way into it and were loving it. so we gave them a B.O.M. and set a baptismal date and they accepted! My comp was freaking out after that lesson and was way happy that i wanted to keep teaching them, casue he felt like they didnt have potential but after that lesson they are doing way good! The dads name is giermo, moms name is maritsa and they have a daughter and a son. there son is awesome, hes knows so much, he reads the bible and hes 11 hah so hes always was in to the lessons and answering all the questions and hes just a little dude. We also teach giermos friend Junior in the same visits too. Yesterday Giermo and his two kids, and junior and his daughter went to church! So freakin awesome, we didnt think they were legit about it but they went! We were in Quisqueya yesterday for church. and they live in consuelo so we didnt get to go with them. But we had a bunch of investigators in quisqueya too. We had a total of 11 investigators at church yesterday, thats so many! even between our 3 areas thats still alot hah

ohhh i witnessed my first motor cycle crash. We were walking back from a meeting we had in san pedro and these two guys one the motorcycle bumbed another guy on his motorcycle in the same lane and it spun the two guys motorcycle around and they went flying off on and belly flopped on the road! I thought they were dead! they guy that hit them didnt even stop and just rode off. but they two guys just stood up and got back on and rode off. hah it was so stupid. they totally got destroyed and just brushed off there shirts and rode off like its a daily thing haha such funny people here. All is well here though, im finally kind of starting to understand people when they talk hah atleast when they dont talk as fast as they can! Pretty much all we eat everynight is grill cheeses, mac & cheese, or ramon noodles. hah you should totally send me some blueberry pancake mix for christmas. Im so pumped for brooks to go in!! ahhhhh thats awesome!! thats rediculous danial is engaged hah and we are totally carving pumpkins on halloween. who knows if they have pumpkins here. we might have to carve a mango or something hahah yes i can see pictures you send.

Love you guys so much! Elder Cowley

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