October 22, 2011

October 18, 2011- A special email from the Carribean Area Welfare Specialists, Bro. + Sis. Hammon

Dear Anderson and Cowley families

We are Elder Darrel and Sister Joanne Hammon. We are currently serving as Area Welfare Specialists in the Caribbean Area Welfare Office. One of our opportunities is to attend the Consuelo Branch, a small branch of the Church in the San Pedro District, and serve in the CCM (Centro de Capacitación Misional), which is the MTC in the Caribbean. Elder Anderson and Elder Cowley serve our branch as well as two other branches, including Los Llanos Branch. We first met Elder Peterson when we attended the Consuelo Branch and then met Elder Cowley in the CCM. Then, they were called to be companions in our branch.

We had the wonderful opportunities to attend with another couple a baptism in Los Llanos Branch, one of the branches your sons serve. It was an incredible baptism—a unique baptism. They had taught an older man, maybe 60+, and then committed him to be baptized. He was baptized on Saturday. We have attached two of the pictures of your sons with the Hermano Rafael Romero and with the members and investigators who attended the baptism.

We just wanted you to know what wonderful young men these two are. They add spirit to the meetings in Consuelo, and we witnessed the love they have for the members in the Los Llanos Branch. The members love them and enjoy being around them. On Sunday in the Consuelo Branch, Elder Anderson began playing the keyboard in the Branch after Church. The young people gathered around to listen. One of the young women, Ana Maria, would love to learn to play the piano. Since Elder Anderson doesn’t have the time and since neither Sister Hammon nor I play the piano, we are working with Ana Maria as she completes the J.R. (Jack) and Wauna O. Harman Music Education Fund program. This program allows members of the Church who live in places like Consuelo to follow a prescribed program in order to learn how to play and ultimately receive a keyboard to help others learn in their branch. After she completes a couple of levels of directing and learning the notes, they will send her a keyboard to begin practicing. Elder Anderson and Elder Cowley have encouraged her to move forward.

Thank you for sharing your sons with the Dominicans. The three branches they work in are challenging areas, but they are bright lights that beam through the streets and into the people’s homes and hearts. May the Lord continue blessing you and your families for your faith and encouragement. If you have more like them in your homes or in your neighborhoods, please send them. Plus, if you have couples you know who could serve, send them, too. We have many, many needs throughout our area, including the Dominican Republic.

Take care.

Elder and Sister Hammon



"We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day" (Elder Richard G. Scott, October 2010).

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