October 22, 2011

October 17, 2011


All is well here in the DomRep. Exept that it just so hot all the time. Its actually werid to not be sweating now, i just have gotten used to sweat dripping off my face all day hah The baptism was sweet!! Still never figured out how old he was. we just had to put a 0 where the age went on the info form hah It was in a big pool in the church, it was awesome! A few of the awesome members bore their testimonies and then i got to baptize him. The pool was only to my knees so it was way hard to get him under!! hah his toes kept coming up, so i had to redo it 3 times. but it was sweet anyway. After, we had cake and soda that the senior missionaries Brother and sister hamon brought. i forgot how good cake was.. Rafiel was way stoked on his baptism, he just mumbles alot so you cant really understand him hah well atleast i cant. This last week we got a bunch of new investigators so were way pumped! Alot of our old investigators were lazy and lame. but now we found people that wont waste our time hah So a few nights ago we were walking home from the bus stop and we heard music that sounded like a real band.. so we kept walking towards it and peeked in side and sure enough it was a bunch of dudes jamming some bachata. They were way good, there was two guitarists a bassed and a drummer with like bango things and they were so legit. We watched them for a few songs and then the guy that lived there busted our a keyboard so were got to jam with them hah it was sweet. and then after we played one of their guitars for a bit it was much needed for me. hah im dying without one:( We got to go to Consuelo for church yesterday. that branch is awesome. and our investigator Frank came! Hes way funny, he always swears alot hah so we had to let him know to especially not to swear in the church. During sacrement there was a huge political parade that went past the church, they had big speakers in the back of there trucks blasting music. There was soo many people and it was so loud, no one could hear the speaker talking so she stopped and we just had to wait for it to pass. It was a good 15 minutes hah To end off yesterday on the bus ride there was some kenny G playing so it made everything better hah

My finger is all fine, its almost already healed actually. Yes the miami email is the same one we use here. we only get mail once a month tho sence were out in the campo. But yeah everyone else can email me, i doesnt matter. its just hard to read and get back to everyones at the same time. Thats so crazy brooks is already leaving soon. is it this wednesday or the next? Im glad you guys get to go with david through the temple. we only get to go twice a year here. But all is well here! it sounds like everythings going good at home!

I have my camera! so ill send some pictures.

Love Elder Cowley

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