October 22, 2011

October 10, 2011

Hey familia!

Everything sounds like its going good back home! Things are still crazy as ever here. So.. i forgot to bring my camera so ill send some next week. We went to the stake center and played basket ball and soccer, and then came straight here so i didnt know to bring it. But when we were playing, i jumped up and grabbed the backboard of the basketball hoop and sliced the tip of my finger, so it kinda hurts to type right now, so this might be a short one hah This week went by way to fast! Im finaly starting to get used to things around here. Yesterday we got to go to church is los llanos, it reminded me of church in a alaska hah its just a small branch and there was about 20 25 people. Its a funny little building, after me and elder anderson taught the young mens group. It just reminded me of when i was that age in church. casue they were paying attention to anything!! hah it makes me respect my old teachers i had hah This last week weve had to cut alot of our investigators casue they are lame or just not progressing hah we are teaching a guy named frank and hes an awesome dude hah everytime we go over he has drinks for us, last week we went he told us he played the flute, so we were way pumped and then this last time we taught him he busted it out and it was a recorder haha he didnt know songs but he would just play along with whatever, he has a huge sound system so he put on a song and played along to it hah it was sweet. Were also taught a guy named Dennis in Consuelo and he told us his life story but he used to hang out and play baseball with sammy sosa! hah hes got like all pics with him and he has a bunch of medals and new paper articals hung up on his wall. So he used to be really good at baseball and he was about to go to the MLB and the got it a car wreck and was paralized from the waist down:( its a pretty sad story. so hes in a wheel chair now with a tiny shack house and he lives by himself. pretty depressing but hes a cool dude. So last night when i was showering i huge moth flew in the window and was flying every where and running in to me hah it was the size of a bat! and then when i got out of the shower and went in our room, there was a huge cockroach on the wall!! hah it was so nasty, my comp didnt even worry about it and i was freakin out! im pissed cause i was trying to get a picture of it and my camera was dead. but there might be more soon hah

Its good to here whats going on up in utah. Its pretty funny that dad says that about Elder Cali, casue no one here can say my name! They just stare at my name tag and dont know what to say hah thats good baby charlies doin good! i cant wait to see more pictures! Thats such a bummer with Andy!! aghhh i hope he can get back out soon. Thats crazy devins already coming home! And yes i got to go to all of the Gen Con sessions, we got to go to the ones on saturday in los llanos because we had our inventigator Rafiel, OHH Rafiel is getting baptized this saturday, and im baptizing him! 1st one! woo. Hes a way old, funny guy. when we filled out his imformation sheet he didnt know when his birthday was or how old he was hah. but my finger hurts! hah and we gotta go! ill send pictues next week!

Love elder cowley

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