October 22, 2011

October 3, 2011- Officially out in the field of DR!

Que lo que!!

Holy fetch this is the crazyest expirience ever! hah Where do i begin. Well tuesday morning we left the MTC for the offices for the east mission, and we meet president and his wife and sat through a few presentations about basically "how not to die"hah it was good, cept that it was in spanish so most of us didnt really know what was goin on. After that a bunch of the trainer missionaries came in, and they started calling companionships. I got paired with Elder Anderson, He's from st george. he was also in bands in high school and he plays pretty much every instrument ive hear of hah After that we had pizza hut! which was awesome cause all ive had is rice and beans everyday. We got a pic with the pres then headed out! We hoped in a taxi then that took us to a bus and that bus took us to San Pedro, which is where we live! From the bus we took a motorcycle. dont forget i had all my luggage! We each hoped on the back of one and the guy driving carried a bag and we carried one too. i was so sketchy. i have a picture but i forgot the adaptor for the camra:( so ill send some pictures next week. Our house is pretty nice, theres not to many bugs but if jake could come and spray it would deffinetly help! hah He would make bank here. We are also living with the zone leaders, elder dieker from colorado and elder De la Rosa from here. A few things ive been through all ready.. The power is only on for a random part of the day so theres not always water. so ive taken my first of many bucket showers hah it was pretty nice, the water wasnt as cool as it was when it comes out the spout hah Also ive already meet and attemped to teach my first athiest hah elder anderson has been out for 17 months and hes only come acrossed 2, not very common here. He was a cool guy though, he just believes in Science hah also when we were walking down a street some little niños threw rocks at us mojones,which means "big turd" hah other that those little dudes everyone else is soooo nice here, its so awesome. Everyones so happy and content with there little cement and tin shacks hah We have a butload of investigators becasue...... WE have THREE areas!!!! Were the only ones in the mission with multiple areas. So we live in San Pedro, its about a hour east of Santo Damingo, and our areas are Consuelo, los llanos, and quisqueya. We go to Consuelo for a whole day and the los llanos for half of one day then quisqueya for the other. Consuelos about a hour bus ride north from San pedro. and los llanos is about a hour and a half bus ride on dirt roads hah and then from los llanos to get to quisqueya is a 30 minute motor cycle ride, with me and my comp and a driver.. whos usually a little drunk sometimes.... haha its so fun! Were suppose to have 3 hours of study time in the morning but with three areas we have to leave at like 8, which only gives us a hour in the morning. Holy cow this is the coolest place on the planet! It just shows how much we dont need in our lives to be happy. The people are so hard to understand tho!! the speak the sloppiest spanish here hah they have alot of there own words for things. We gotta go tho casue we have to go to consuelo and we have a lady to teach!! Holy fetch dave and hutch have there calls!! im so pumped there going somewhere crazy too hah It makes so happy. Charlie!!! thats so sweet! a new neffew! He looks so rad! youll have to send me more pictures! welp i gotta go!!!

Loves too all!! Elder Cowley

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