October 22, 2011

September 7, 2011- DR MTC


This last week has been great. Not much of anything has been different here at the MTC. Today my stomaches mad at me for some reason so me and elder challis did get to go to the temple this morning, we just sleeped. my stomaches being really werid so i didnt want to go to the temple and puke hah that wouldnt have been good. Other than that everythings good.

Its raining right now its still hot tho, in those pictures i sent, someof them are from provo. the groups of kids is my old distict at provo.

I'll send some more next week casue today at 2 were going on a field trip thing with our mtc president. im not sure where to but anywhere else other than the temple grounds is always awesome, were a little sheltered here hah I cant believe the Bronco is gone! I was happy that alot of people called for it, but im sad that is gone now:( OHwell guess i get a new car when i get home;)

Last week at the university was another awesome expirience, we talked to a bunch a people and gave out all our pamplets and then we stopped and talked to 3 guys about 21 that were from Haiti. i guess they just came over here to go to school, they were cool and they talked to us for about 45 minutes, they asked alot of questons and we answered then as best as we could hah we ended up giving then two book of mormons and they were way interested. while we were still talking to them these 4 crazy girls were telling us to come over and talk to them next so we did, and i guess they were studying enghlish so they pretty much just wanted to talk english with them but we taught them anyway hah one of the girls actually had alot of questons and we taught her quite a bit and gave her a pamphlet casue we were out of book of mormons, they only give us one each time. i think next we get to go one spits with the missionaries in this area! that should be aweome! finally see what im gonna be doing exactly hah

Its awesome to just get out and talk to people and walk around, im sure in about a month i'll be wanting to be back in this air conditioned building hah we are pretty seltered her, they foods awesome(exept for whatever got me sick) and its a really clean building.I wish i had more pictues to send but i didnt take anythis week, im gonna take my camera on our field trip and send some next week!

I wanna see angie and brads new place! Im glad brads mowing the office now, you make bank doing it.hah Im jealous dads already going to Alaska again i wanna go, last time was way fun, i was telling challis that i surfed there before and he was stoked casue hes a big surfer and never heard of anyone starting in alaska hah he went to school at byu hawaii and he surfed everyday. oh and hes actually from reyno nevada, he boats alot at lake tahoe. and that made me think of our family trip there, that was way fun. if anything i think i miss our family trips alot! they were always way fun with everyone. we have the coolest family! i miss everyone alot but im thankful for this adventure here in la repulica dominicana! The best venture is an ADVENTURE!:):):):):):):)

love you guys! byeee

elder cowley

ps mail takes forever to get here! i still havnt got the package you sent, did you send it to the address i gave you for packages?

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